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Further Unicorn Progress

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I finished the body and the ears today and am currently stitching it together. 

I'll reblog with the pictures later today or tomorrow, there are a lot of pictures because I've been taking them after each piece has been stitched on.

demoncat13 -

COMPLETE!!! Now for pictures and bonus Mick Aston from Time Team! I was watching Time Team while sewing...

The head(with ears) and body ^

The horn attached plus the body again ^

The mane attached ^

Neck attached plus legs ^

Tail attached ^ As a side note, it would have been better if I had attached the legs first...

Front legs ^

All legs attached ^

Right side ^

Left side ^

Soon to be whole ^

Nearly-Headless Unicorn! ...I couldn't resist ^

Front view ^

Right side view. Hi, Mick ^

Left side view. Hi, again Mick! ^

Back view ^

And a bonus picture of the scissors used for snipping ends. Appropriate, no?

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It's Trans Awareness Week!

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Be aware...

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the years start coming and they dont stop coming

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and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop comin-

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my aunt just dropped by and?? I have SEVEN new babies now!! :D the lighting absolutely sucks here because it's pitch black out and I only have my growlights lighting my room but asdfghjkl

there's four baby spider plants- apparently somehow descended from the one my other late great grandpa grew??- one unidentified succulent that I had to stick in that pot real quick, and two plumerias (one of them's super tiny)!!

I didn't?? even realize you could grow plumerias in pots but I'm looking up how to take care of them now and I'm very cautiously optimistic that I can manage it!!

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oh my fuck the baby spider plants are so cute ;w;

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gender is a sandbox game. limited tools, unlimited possibilities

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*mods gender*

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Also I finally went and re-did the roof of my mini house this week end

The old one looked uglier the more I looked at it ; round tiles really looks better!

Used the opportunity of having to destroy the previous one to make the new one 'clip-on' : the walls now fold (black tape in the corner) and the roof use notches to stay on. That way everything can be (almost) flat for easier stockage !

Also almost finished decorating~ I really need to finish the bed, but that's enough for a reference as it is. Maybe make more food..?

gender is a sandbox game. limited tools, unlimited possibilities

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team instinct owns the rainbow flag gym, as they should

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fuck yeah

hi my name's miles, i'm 19, and i'm terrified that i'm incapable of forming and maintaining long term relationships

my roommate gave me some alfalfa and mung bean seeds for sprouts and im super excited bc i love sprouts but i also dont know how to make them without a Fancy Sprout Thing like my mom had


by Nancy Byrd Turner

Now, speech is very curious:
You never know what minute
A word will show a brand-new side,
With brand-new meaning in it.
This world could hardly turn around,
If some things acted like they sound.

Suppose the April flower beds,
Down in the garden spaces,
Were made with green frog-blanket spreads
And caterpillar cases;
Or oak trees locked their trunks to hide
The countless rings they keep inside!

Suppose from every pitcher plant
The milkweed came a-pouring;
That tiger lilies could be heard
With dandelions roaring,
Till all the cattails, far and near,
Began to bristle up in fear!

What if the old cow blew her horn
Some peaceful evening hour,
And suddenly a blast replied
From every trumpet flower,
While people’s ears beat noisy drums
To “Hail the Conquering Hero Comes!”

If barnyard fowls had honeycombs,
What should we think, I wonder?
If lightning bugs should swiftly strike,
Then peal with awful thunder?
And would it turn our pink cheeks pale
To see a comet switch its tail?

from YourDailyPoem.com

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thank the gods technology has finally allowed us to know what it's like to be inside of a bag of corn flakes

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[ID: screenshot from the simsons of a wide-eyed smiling child sitting in the back of a school bus captioned "(chuckles) I'm in danger." end ID]

he actually managed the full year of growing/foraging 100% of his own food the absolute madman

talk about life goals tho

(warning: brief image of a roadkilled deer at 7:38-7:44 but the rest of the video is fine)

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my fashion goals are human captcha code. want 2 do 2 human eyes what a captcha code does to robot eyes. utterly incomprehensible

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i want ppl to look at me and their brains glitch

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sometimes a guy likes naturecore and is not feminine, that's his brand of masculinity -which doesn't have to be hegemonic or complicit- and if you're assigning a gender to motherfucking moss and leaves and flowers? that's on you. gonna go pick daisies and look at the sunset now.

took a gender quiz my friend found and it put me significantly more feminine than masculine and i'd just like to say, the creator of that quiz does not understand gender because i am definitely more masc than fem. i just dont like violence

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rené dv

Inktober Day 9: Swing

it was so hard to fill in all those floorboards but so worth it bc it looks gorgeous. i love how this one turned out exactly how i imagined it. like it exists now. in the real world. wow

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. The scene is viewed from above. Near the center of the picture is a gramophone on its stand. In each corner except for the top-left one, there is a round table with a long white linen. The dark hardwood flooring is covered in white footprints left behind by two pairs of dress shoes, roughly circling the gramophone. End ID.]

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body told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year

i spend kind of a lot of time thinking about my ocs being extremely cool muggleborns and worldbuilding in tandem so here's some choice stuff i've come up with in the process

  • fusion sayings
    • "NOW we're cooking with poorly-applied arithmancy!" (reference to using arithmancy to make a cookstove that would make a programmer cry)
    • "you can lead a wizard to a clothing store but you can't make him dress like a respectable member of society" (and variations. not actually an idiom it's just something you say when youre really frustrated by purebloods. i mean it's also an idiom but like. a salty one)
    • "one man's trash is another man's portkey" (said when you use a portkey. this is a joke not a saying but whatever)
    • "oh flobberworm?" (like "oh worm" but more pathetic bc it's a fucking flobberworm)
    • "ok pureblood" (also literally just ok boomer. it's funny because lucius malfoy is confused but still insulted)

  • mugglborn basilisk, a wizard band of mostly slytherin muggleborns who play weirdcore concerts in one of the disused classrooms in the basement. u thought the shaking floors and dull thumping was peeves? you were a fool
    • on that topic, wizard instruments
    • bagpipes but made out of a specific magical animal that makes it sound better and yet somehow also worse
    • a keytar but it's got an entire grand piano in it
    • kazoo plus
    • instrument that sounds like merfolk - only works underwater, but don't play it near actual merfolk bc it's just swears
      • muggleborn basilisk sometimes plays one of these but above water
    • electric guitar but instead of electricity it's magic (the sound is thus different accordingly)
    • large frog

  • one of my ocs comes up with the idea of wizard spraypaint that's immune to cleaning spells and bleeds thru anything put over it and can only be removed with a specific antedote and then sells it to fred and george for like a single share of their future company bc they dont want to put in the work and f&g can do it better, and also it might be nice to have that little trickle of steady cash in the future when they cant get a job because they have an elementary school education and purebloods discriminate
    • admittedly this is a bit manipulative f&g didnt realize how much one share was going to be worth but then again there was no proof their business was going to be as lucrative as it was so it was a risk either way

  • floo candles - wizard texting. you have a candle with floo powder in the wick, you light it and send over pieces of parchment with notes on em. when someone wants to send u a message the candle lights up and tosses it over. bc the flames are always floo powder, your shit doesn't burn (u might end up with part of your pocket on the other end briefly until you pull it out)
  • back to that arithmancy thing - some slytherin and ravenclaw muggleborns used arthur weasley's excellently constructed loopholes to make a bunch of electronics that are powered by magic using arithmancy
    • arthur weasley is their hero
    • somewhere in the process of the court case they get magic carpets legalized again

  • i'm really mad about magic carpets being illegal. just because muggles happen to own carpets doesn't mean wizards can't. it's not like they're enchanting muggle carpets the enchantments are probably woven into the make of it. brooms are allowed!! what the fuck arthur

  • also it's kinda fucked up that they teach you how to make love potions at school. it's like if they taught you how to make a roofie in chem. surely there's a law.

  • do wizards know what unions are 
    • the muggle studies teacher unionizes hogwarts
    • 'ok board of directors do you know what a union is? ok do you know what a strike is? ok we want to be paid better. ok so you know how i just explained what a strike is"
  • muggleborn establishments accept muggle cash as well as wizard cash, because sometimes! muggle groceries are just cheaper! sometimes! u just want a burger! without having to deal with exchange rates!

my fashion goals are human captcha code. want 2 do 2 human eyes what a captcha code does to robot eyes. utterly incomprehensible

me all the time: hey let me plug my favorite sex ed and adjacent queer/social media topics youtube streamer

this is a great video about parasocial relationships - what they are and the dangers of them and etc.