these are the elevator pitches for my main ocs rn

perold and victor:

  • harold - "i chose to have a gender. and then i chose to have a sex that society doesn't associate with that gender, because i'm cool and sexy like that".

    he has superpowers (drawing animation and chromokinesis and audiokinesis) and is kind of posessed but not maliciously or anything it's just kinda. there. he's chaotic good but the thing posessing him is lawful neutral and that's basically the only difference. he's a professional dancer and makeup artist! and he's ace and gay. and the only extrovert in his relationship

    he's based on harold and the purple crayon lol

  • victor - victor, perched in a custom Rich CEO-style office chair with all the airs of a king on his throne, wearing a deep green silk designer suit with a lunging snake embroidered on the back, in a room reminiscent of many offices of import and power, sipping unsaturated cherry grenadine out of a wine glass: but villainy is so gauche, y'know?

    under his mask of a pretty cool, chill dude, he his cunning and ruthless. and under that mask he's a nerd. his special interest is film. he's an incredibly good actor and was originally a pjo fancharacter - a trans aroace son of aphrodite. he has a memetic effect where ppl like him.

  • peter - his special interests are fungi, and sex. harold's bi boyfriend, they have an open relationship. everyone likes peter. he's a nerd. i need to develop him more. he owns a tshirt that says "i'm a fun-guy" on it with a drawing of some mushrooms.

other characters

  • iggy - his mom was a fire spirit and his dad was a son of venus. now they're a quasi-immortal pangender pacifist. they like cooking and have feelings about textiles. mostly angry ones, because of how much fabric quality has gone down with mass productions.

    she likes skirts and jeans, and doesnt like shirts unless theyre loose and full of holes. she has a dragon tattoo on her back and when her hair is on fire it looks like the dragon is breathing fire. their immortality is tied to the person they're in love with's lifespan, because, venus.

  • cham - sentient piece of clay (shapeshifter).
    "what are your insides made of then?"
    "oh, mostly clay and straw, a few small rocks. the usual."

    "why don't you just stick with your ideal body?"
    "because that's so limiting? an infinite combination of traits, and you want me to stick to just ONE? also no one agrees with me on what the ideal body is. listen, you may hate it, but it's true: the ideal body is an octopus with retractable human hands, a mouth just for tasting, and better eyesight. also my nose. i really like this nose."

    "how will i know it's you"
    "it's not that hard: i have the biggest, most resplendent hat. also my nose. i really like this nose. it's, like, the perfect nose"

    they're genderfluid! because that's the dream babey. their pronouns have very little to do with their current form.

  • jack - also posessed! this one's malicious tho. she has black goo for bodily fluids that does not obey the laws of physics when it comes to fitting inside her body, and also explodes, and also she can see out of it. she's less got black goo and more is black goo contained in a human body. she's black, and albino, and her skin is dark grey bc black goo, so her hair is fun contrast.

    jack's big lesbian. she was an evil mob boss for a while, because of the malicious posession, and then her nemesis was like "hey if you weren't evil we could like date" (actually she like, talked her into not being evil and then later they became dating but jack did literally stop being evil bc she was big gay).

    then she was good for a while, then her gf became evil trying to take over the world and they broke up because jack trusted her! not to be evil! or at the very least let her know! jack doesn't have a good concept of good and evil and was mostly relying on mattie to tell her.

    now she's having an identity crisis trying to figure out if she's even good or evil and who she is as a person without one person or another influencing her moral compas, and also she joined a lesbian hardcore band.

  • mattie - she's a supergenius and also trans and her body is a biomechanical android that her brain is wirelessly hooked up to. she tried to take over the world, which is mad rude, bc she doesn't live there. she can take over america, she lives there. but taking over the rest of the world is not chill. that's not her business. eventually she figured this out and now she's chill. she's black and she has vitiligo.
  • zet - they attended both harvard and mit at the same time, got about an hour of sleep each night, invented a coffee reduction thing that made extremely potent coffee, and then graduated and immediately fucked off to have a goat farm and never drink coffee again

    they're selectively mute, aged out of the foster system, aroaceagender, and they are mostly deaf in one ear and have a prosthetic left arm bc of a car accident

cliffolk (singular cliffdweller)

  • rus - he/she pronouns equivalent. rok watcher, likes agriculture and hardcore/pseudo-hardcore/heavy rock music. picks flower n sticks it through her nose ring

    rus lives in one of the ancient rokwatch towers, still equiped with a now-defunct giant harpoon gun and surrounded by riggings for spreading the giant nets that would prevent the enormous corpse from crashing down into the ravines that make up much of the planet's surface where the cliffolk dwell.

    now, rok have been hunted nearly to extinction, and so he instead sends alerts down the line if he spots one, so that people know not to come near the surface in areas where a rok may be. rok reports occupy the same space as weather reports

    as he lives far above most of society (rural areas being closer to the surface, urban areas deep in the ravine, a tradition held from when rok were still a massive danger to anyone near the open sky), he has very few visitors and spends most days alone, hunting small birds and cultivating his collections of plants & fungi

  • halley - she/they pronouns equivalent. traveller, likes giving herself and others piercings and travelling the world with her best friend and steed, a rok she raised from an egg

    halley is one of rok's few, best, and least predictable friends. he'll spot a rok in the distance and send a note down the line, and then a few hours later halley's giant hellbeast will be perched on the harpoon holding and she'll be freaking the fuck out while halley hops down like chill bro it's just me

    halley's entire body is covered in piercings stuck through with small feathers, and every day she gets more. it's a stim for her. her immune system is made of steel

  • cliffolk are large humanoids with hand-feet and long tails similar to night furies from httyd. they also have gliding skin akin to flying squirrels, and like toothless in httyd2, back-flaps for sharper steering. they are cliff-colored, with hair that resembles cliff grasses. they have bat-like ears, and sharp eyes, and are carnivorous. their primary senses are sight and sound, and they echolocate and maybe bioluminesce (havent decided for sure yet).

    fashion for the species is primarily loose-fitting pants and shirts, and skirts of ropes that can be used to carry many items through extensive knot useage