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musick ask! 2, 4, 5, 8, 13, 14!

2. Current fav song/band/genre?

4&5 r here

8. Is there a song you love that everyone else hates? What is it?

13. What do you listen to while working on something? What helps you concentrate?

  • video game music is specifically designed to keep you focussed so you don't stop playing the game so sometimes i'll loop an undertale or homestuck song
  • recently tho i've been listening to my friend's electronic music he made in high school. it's very good you should listen to it. his spotify is merged with a different artist, also called moonhead, but his two albums on there are cypress rosewood and new age pipe dream. according to him, cypress rosewood is the better one

14. Do you visualise stories in your head while listening to particular songs? Tell me one of them!

  • sometimes! often it's more "my oc doing cool shit while this song plays" but that's not. interesting to tell. so.
  • whenever i listen to paid in cocaine by the mountain goats, it's not so much a story as every time i listen to it i think "oh, the person the narrator is singing to is dead. they died in a car crash, 5 years after the show they did in fenders back in 85"
  • any song that already has a story happening if im paying attention i visualize it

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