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stella keep see stuff on tumblr abt how jokes from 2-3 years ago end up as "real prophesy" & that make stella sad, so have some nicer stella prophesy :)

  • horses will learn to dance, by 2022 at latest

  • you will see lots pretty flowers

  • a family member will suprise gift you a big wedge of cheese

  • you will make smth which makes soul happy, even in all imperfection

  • you will find some money inside floating birthday balloon

  • you will look out window & sigh happily cause things are good, then accidently witness an animal poop

no need to thank stella, or pay for services ... this all is 100% guarantee for sure, mhm!

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:o stella already predict future! horses have learn dance by 2022! is whole sport!

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This makes me want to gift family cheese 😊

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