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ahh yes, Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD and his gay moms

[ID: a warm digital painting of Aubrey Little, Dani and Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD from The Adventure Zone Amnesty lying next to each other. Aubrey is a black woman with kinky red hair and bright orange makeup around her eyes. She wears a blue vest, a croptop, bracelets and a pendant with a large glowing orange crystal. Dani has light brown skin and blonde hair and has a cherry lipstick on her lips. From her mouth stand out two large fangs. She wears a black blouse and a bracelet made of black rocks. Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD is a white rabbit. They all lie on the ground. Aubrey on her back and holding Dani's hand. Dani on her side and embracing Aubrey. Dr. Harris Bonkers PhD lies between Aubrey's neck and arm, with butt and back facing her head. End ID]

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Megan found me and decided to be a lap loaf while I crochet.

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Caterpie Colour Palette Challenge

i love Caterpie, so cute~ c:

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rest -

'Let's Draw a Sheep' by Ann Davidow | The Eugene Guard, Oregon, July 8, 1958 | 📷: via yesterdaysprint (Tumblr)

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She wrote a whole book! I have no idea how to turn a print book into an ebook or i would do that thing because it's adorable!

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This moss was rly fluffy and fun to poke