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a show that starts out like your typical zombie tv show/game. gruff, scowly-looking dude shoots a zombie, and it's revealed he's taking care of a couple of kids (probably girls). first surprise: gruff dude has absolutely no problem showing affection to the kids, ruffling their hair and telling them he loves them. second surprise: the dude isn't taking care of them out of some weird obligation to his dead kid; he wasn't even married beforehand. he just is good with kids and saw that they needed someone on their side.

the show goes on for a couple episodes, and we watch as they struggle to survive, with several shots of dude shooting zombies and burying them if he can. then, in the 5-6th episode, the third surprise comes in the form of two well dressed people riding horses. dude asks them where the hell they came from to not have tattered clothing, and they explain that they're from a newly established village that came together after the apocolyps, and are looking for any left behind supplies. dude begs them to take him and kids to the village so the kids don't have to be living half-feral out of old strip malls. riders agree, warning him that he can't pull any grisly "survival of the fitest" nonsense if he wants to stay, though they'll protect the kids either way.

dude says he wasn't that kind of guy anyway, and they lead them all to the village. it's not a paradise or anything, but compared to the rubble-filled streets, it's a far cry better. dude and kids start rooming with other groups new to the village, and the show turns into a comedy about all the hijinks going on the the village, mostly caused by the kids just being kids. the dude reveals he used to be an accountant, and happily starts helping the lady keeping track of the village's resources with her work, never trying to one-up her or take over. the only difference to other shows of the same style is that sometimes the gatekeepers announce they spotted a new zombie or something.

nobody dies for shock value.