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my dad gave me a basil plant and i forgot to water it for a few days and then watered it a BUNCH and now its extra crunchie

i helped my mom out in the garden today!

we removed flower heads from the basil (image 1) and broke off garlic scapes (image 2) so we're gonna make basil for dinner tonight.

we also planted some carrot (image 3) and beet (image 4) seeds! i kinda fucked up the carrots and planted them all in one corner, but it's,, probably fine.

i dont know how well known this gardening tip is, but if you save up your eggshells and crush them up into bits and sprinkle them on your garden beds, once they break down they'll feed the soil, and in the meantime the sharp edges will keep slugs and snails away. we have so many plastic takeout containers of eggshells.