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Throwback to old projects when i was still interested in decaying animal corpses (kinda still am tho)

-Split Crow (2018)

-Half life (2018)

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A little composition sketching inspired by 'the change triangle' (bc listening to psychology podcasts at work makes odd things happen)

The skull represents defense, or death; the singed wings represent inhibitors, or the effects of the Fall; and the flaming heart is our core emotions/the pre-Fall innocence of humankind.

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uhhhhh not to sound invasive but


i’m just really curious what y’all look like

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okay but, I was thinking of something fun we could do. Ready?

Reblog this with traits or concepts or aesthetics that you feel in your soul and you feel like they portray you. AND. I. WILL. DRAW. YOU.

it could be stuff like “soft, glitter, rainy days, horns, femme, smol, bunny ears, messy long hair, blue and pink” and I’ll try to capture that or whatever it makes me feel :^) it will have hooman basic structure (maybe) but it will be a little caricaturesque creature :3

okay worst case nobody reblogs and best case i get to do like 35 drawings cause that’s how many active users I perceive around here ehehe

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remember when everyone on tumblr called their bodies meatsuits or meatcages or something like that

funky times yall

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flesh prisons

my beef stockade if you will

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bones are a scaffolding for our meat

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they are not meant to exit the meat!