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babushka -

diy youtubers really be like "and today we are making a candleholder out of wood! #rustic #organic"

babushka -

they make candleholders of all sorts of inflammable materials now. there is a reason they used to be made of stone and metal, not plastic painted to look like it. at least some of the youtubers are decent enough to warn us to use electric candles, which are, in fact, pretty neat and i purchased like 10, but still.

fallow -

pbfAhahaha--i totally missed the fact that wood is flammable fjsldkgfhfk

babushka -

the thing is that this fact is dangerously easy to miss when the world is fool of wooden candleholders. what else is flammable? paint. what do we use to give our glass candleholder a #rustic #organic look? also paint. congratulations, you turned a functional candleholder into a flammable one

crownedwithwisteria -

OKAY BUT AS A CANDLE MAKER THIS IS A HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE like. there are people out there that will think it's fine to burn actual open-flame candles on painted and wooden candle holders without stopping to think about stuff like burnability and assume it's fine just because they're called candle holders and that's dangerous as heck

another thing that's along the same lines is those youtube tutorials on how to make 'cute and/or quirky candles' by doing things like dusting/suspending on the top of your newly-made candle any number of absolutely unsafe very flammable objects. I have seen dried and/or pressed flowers. I have seen little plastic gears. I have seen powdered cinnamon. I have seen candles where people mix glitter throughout the whole dang thing. I've seen where someone mixed rainbow cake sprinkles in the wax.

for reference, those plastic gears and glitter? they will melt. you will be breathing melted plastic fumes. the flowers and the cinnamon will catch fire. I'm not familiar enough with rainbow cake sprinkles to know what they do when exposed to flame, but I'm familiar enough to say that fire is pretty much a guarenteed at this point.

there are many, many easy ways to make cool/interesting looking candles without courting the possibility of accidental fires. none of these particular methods are included in this list.

fungus -

how are crayons for candlemaking?