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Like. Okay I don't want to go on about this too much, but this has been bothering me for a while. Related to my last post.

All jokes aside I do have an older sister living in england. I don't know her though, just know of her. I can't say I'm too emotionally involved in the whole ordeal, but I am curious; What kind of life does she have? What's she like? Would she like me? etc. I know she has a husband and a son, but that's it.

So I googled some things. No details for obvious reasons. Didn't find anything, then again I didn't have much to go on. Could have asked my mom, but it's hard on her to talk about it, so she doesn't know.

I never once got adds or reccomends or anything about adoption in my life. Guess what suddenly popped up more often? Yep.

Lots of stuff about england too, but that was a bit less surprising seeing as I'm interested and googling stuff about other countries either way. The weird part was that it was almost exclusively stuff about London (her last known location, as far as I know).

Now I'm not a huge tinfoil hat person, but I know shit like that is happening and why those very, oddly, specific things suddenly decided to be there, and it's unnerving at best and downright terrifying at worst.

Maybe I'm taking this too personally but it's. So weird. I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate it.


Ooh I'll have to look up the tumblr post I've seen more than a few times. But yeah, no, like, there are so many corporations that have access to the data you create when you use the internet. Your search results are sold to ad companies who pay for most of our free services on the internet and in tern get to personalize how they advertise to you (google is kind of really bad about this on all fronts).

There are ways to get around it though. You could go tin foil and nuke everything, but there are smaller steps you can take. Look up how to depersonalize googles advertising to you. I wanna say theres a whole site you can use to mass opt-out of this garbage.

Secondly, and what I find more fascinating is extentions for firefox (and chrome, but please just.... stop using that wholesale if you serious about caring about your informational privacy) that intentionally obscure the data you put out there. I know theres one that creates fake "clicks" to advertisements and creates fake search results so any agency trying to create a file on you cant parse between real and fake information (this is a huge problem with big data right now, google, facebook, amazon, governments, they dont know what to do with it! Like at all. The technology just isn't there yet among algorithms. They can barely sort all that data much less judge the validity of it).

fungus this one?