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reiwa, my first proper geneing project, and drip, an old derg i was ambivalent about but reluctant to let go of. now that i've gene'd them up i love them
reiwa is one of the clan record keepers and an apprentice historian, and drip is a mycologist with one single aesthetic sensibility, which is that they like orange

i love this lady so much. the light/shadow duality makes me so happy. she also looks like a cat kinda and thats fantastic

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my flight rising dragon Synth for the banner of a zine i'm organizing

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now i'm tempted to give him the tiny detail of jade earrings but then i'd have to drop one of the other items and i struck a pretty perfect balance there

(that aside, seriously, wtf is it with like half of the apparel art? why does nothing take into account like, whether the apparel would be even remotely practical to wear or even possible to get on? #argh)

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dragons in impractical clothing pretty......