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Srijon Chowdhury, Roselight, 2019, oil on linen, 91.44 x 60.96 cm

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California Poppy

Did some watercolor poppies for the wife, @monsterlogic . These were fun to doodle. The stems and leaves for this plant are weird, but interesting.

I used Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper, A Red Pilot Color Eno pencil for the sketch, a kneaded eraser that I don't know the brand for. I inked with a Sakura Micron in 01 and did the majority of the coloring with Sakura Koi 48 pocket field sketch watercolor. I also used some Prisma Verithin pencils for some more detailed coloring. The white is a UniBall Signo in medium. I also used some Crayola glitter watercolors to add some fun sparkle to the petals.

I really want to use more of my traditional stuff this year, so fingers crossed that I do that.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful Page 2

5 more pages to go. Thankfully had some time today where I wasn't exhausted from this kicking baby in my belly, and the kicking toddler running around the house.

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gigglingkitten -

@star-rice thank you for the best tag I've seen

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It is my palm!

star-rice -

Jesus tap dancing christ thats fucking small. Istg did you use a fucking magnefying glass to make those stitches? Good merciful fuck.

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Haha I didn't use a magnefying glass. I almost did for the bee though

star-rice -

No kidding. I can see why. That's one itty bitty ass bumble friend.

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did 4 pages of flowers and leaves between these two attempts. think they helped :)

it's so deliciously spring-y out right now I love it

daffodils are starting to fade out a bit, but there's still some blooming in the bulb patch I started the winter before last! :D

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This is the actual order of these! I made them out of order because I didn't think about it the first round XD

Let's see if it keeps moving by tomorrow.

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I actually have no name for this one so...

A few days back, I got the idea of various of these gifs and I think I'm gonna try to make them, but simpler than in my head because I'm feeling lazy. The main rose was supposed to be bigger, but I kinda messed it up and didn't want to change it, so this is the first one.

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Eucalyptus, Bone and Wattle

painted in procreate

Took me a while to do it, but I got it done, woo~

One of my grandma's peonies. The bushes are huge and are like, 50-60 years old.

summer vs winter

Flowers, flowers, more flowers . . . and a winter sunset after a rainstorm. All four are oil paintings, the first two on canvas and the second two on wooden panels.

flowerfemme asked:

💐-Favorite flowers or plants?

  • sweet william, especially the burgundy ones

  • forget-me-nots

  • grape hyacinth

  • forsythia bushes

  • dandelions

  • goldenrod

  • milkweed, particularly the pods are very good

  • sprouts, like the kind you grow and eat. ive got some i've been meaning to sprout

  • strawberries

  • cucumbers

  • wood sorrel

  • carrots

  • weeping willow, good for climbing

  • aster

  • juneberries

  • one i don't know the name of that was purple and white and grew all over the woods and came up to my chest when i was middle school aged and was just fucking everywhere