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Am I the only person on the planet who thinks "shells" is the worst fucking shape for pasta to ever be twisted into? Because shells have rhyme with hell for some reason and I swear to God, biting unassumingly into what you thought was one (1) singular shell only to find it was actually two that decided to get closer than a couple of teenagers in the back of a car and not fucking cook all the way through is the worst fucking experience and I will shoot the italian who thought that this was the masterpiece form pasta needed.

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it's a small bowl..... for the sauce....... dont bemean :(

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  1. ive been trying to post pics about the plants growing in my dirt cup (cup of dirt i stole from the permaculture garden outside the dining hall) for over a month now

  2. there are two wolves inside me, one says "you should really go eat a proper meal" the other says "but there's a homemade peanut butter cup in the freezer" and the first is trying to convince the other that we can just eat the peanut butter cup after the proper meal

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The hardest part about adulting is figuring out what to eat every day

tiny apple, tiny pumpkin!

neither of these are taller than 1/2 an inch so you can imagine how many close calls I had when it came to my fingers getting in the way of the needle lol

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Bread n Pasta n Other Basics

so i went to the store today and there was no bread or pasta. But there was flour and sugar n base ingredients GALORE. Here's how ya'll use it.

Feel free to send what you've found in stores near you and how to use it.

*How to Make Bread

*No Knead Rosemary Garlic Bread

*How to Make Pasta

*Chicken Soup Basics (including stock)

*Bone Broth

*Beans n Stuff

*Egg Fried Rice

*Baked Potatoes (with the best super crispy skin ever)

*Sugar Cookies

*Ham and Potato Soup

*Pulled Pork

*Veggie Stock

*Ground Beef Bulgogi

*Beef and Cheese Enchilada

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yeah im a freak. i pick up sandwiches like theyre books and then flip em upside down in the air. is it awkward and unnecessary? yes. but can i stop now? absolutely not

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i do the same thing and the only time i've ever had a catastrophe with it was when the sandwich contained pulled pork

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it's the superior way to eat a sandwich. a more natural grabbing + lifting movement followed by a much easier process for clamping your fingers around the sandwich to keep the insides in! what's not to love?

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Table, chest, and some papercraft food from my kitchen diy kit!

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:3c some new wf discourse for y'all: how do u eat your pancakes?

:3c i personally prefer to eat mine plain or with just brown sugar on top, or syrup if i'm eating in a restaurant!

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I need syrup on mine. I'm also picky when it comes to syrup, but there's this knock-off brand of syrup that I like that's easy to get so that doesn't really come up. I also like having the pad of butter on it, but it's not essential like the syrup.

Also connected to the syrup: I don't want my pancakes stacked up straight and prefer them separated as much as possible so they get the syrup evenly when I pour it.

Personally, though, I ain't too crazy about pancakes and don't eat them often.

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pancakes need to have syrup (i also like to butter them before adding syrup and agree wholeheartedly on the stacking)

but waffles? waffles i'll eat dry

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Pancakes i like with some butter and a small amount of syrup. Just enough so each bite has some for flavor. I dont like it when pancakes are swimming in a pool of syrup. I would rather eat them dry than drowning in syrup.

Waffles are good with butter and syrup, totally valid dry, but best with butter and raspberry jam.

Also i am picky with pancakes. I dont like heavy or thick pancakes. I like fluffy-light, thin ones. But not crepes lol

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i like em with rasberry currant sauce or maple syrup. plain pancakes sound horrifying.

i like my waffles with syrup and blueberries, and then i pretend i am a space giant eating a spaceship

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pomegranates look like they have tiny little crowns and i think that's very cool of them

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since i was talking about this with @crownedwithwisteria...

this is a pic from our teeny tiny greenhouse from last season! this is taken in mid/late april so the tomatoes are around 3 months old and have been outside for a few weeks :)

and also some of our haul from last year under the cut!

crownedwithwisteria -

oh that's such a cool greenhouse!! :D and ohhh all those gorgeous harvest pictures!!

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A doodle of two Appletun 🍎🐉

Do not repost, use, trace, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

🌈 twitter / kofi / patreon 🌈

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why does cereal milk just hit different than any other drink. NOTHING else is as refreshing

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you know what this isn't how i would have thought to put it but you're right

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Katsu curry

Been wanting to make it ever since I tasted it for the first time months ago !

Polymer clay, acrylic paint, gloss varnish in a bought plastic plate

my roommate gave me some alfalfa and mung bean seeds for sprouts and im super excited bc i love sprouts but i also dont know how to make them without a Fancy Sprout Thing like my mom had

he actually managed the full year of growing/foraging 100% of his own food the absolute madman

talk about life goals tho

(warning: brief image of a roadkilled deer at 7:38-7:44 but the rest of the video is fine)

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Big curry hours in the house again because istg its the only food, outside of like, a perfectly seared steak, that can really get the serotonin flowing.

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@fungus mine doesn't exactly have a lot of veggies in it, but I do have it written down!!!!
1 big white Onion

3-4 cloves Garlic, minced

Ginger, grated (like a 1x2x2 inch chunk)

1 Tomato, diced

Serrano Peppers, 3+ (or half a habenero if youre feeling spicy)

Curry Powder, at least 5 teaspoons


Chili Powder



Powdered Ginger

Chicken, 6 breasts

Seasoning Salt

Chicken Stock, like half a box

Coconut Milk, 3 cans

Lemon Zest, 1 whole ass lemon

Lime Juice, at least 2 tablespoons

Sugar, like, 1 tablespoon



• Saute a dick load of onions (prepped however you want, julienned or diced works fine) in a neutral oil (canola, vegatable, etc).

• Once those are sweating, throw in the tomatos and serranos. We did 3 serranos last time and it wasn't too spicy. But the more peppers, the spicier it is. Seeds might also be good to crush and throw in if you're looking for murder curry. (I'll be doing this next time because if capsasin isn't trying to kill you through your taste buds, are you really living?)

• Add in the garlic and ginger at the tail end. Let it get fragrant.

• Add in your liquids (coconut milk, stock). Make jokes about how thick the coconut milk is.

• Start putting in the spices. Curry is the only one you need a ton of, everything else we just give several good shakes on. We go harder on the paprika, chili powder and cayenne than we do on the the ginger powder and tumeric. Also throw in the zest and lime juice. Sugar also goes in at this time, but this is probably the one ingredient you don't want to add to much of. You can't really do any taste testing rn bc it just hasn't cooked long enough.

• Brown the chicken in a seperate pan with a little bit of oil. You can do this way before now, but nows the time if you haven't already. Season with seasoning salt while it's cooking.

• Add the chicken to the pot and let that shit cook for a good long fucking while. The longer the better. I try and give it at least 45 minutes. Stir it often, don't let it burn. You want it at least simmering, not a voilent boil. Let the color come out in it and taste it every once in a while and lose your shit as you get to see the flavor develop in real time.

• If you taste it and think "man, this is missing something." go ahead and take a look at the spices you threw in (including lime jucie), make sure you didn't miss one (you dont know how many times I've done this). If not, just start guessing at what else it needs more of. Throw it in, test, repeat. You'll feel when its right. If you're looking for more spice at this point, Cayenne is your best bet unless you have chili oil lying around.

• Once you're happy with it, serve that shit over rice (that you hopefully started earlier once)


I have since been asked if I can write all recipes like this.

rainbow chard recipe

posting my mom's rainbow chard recipe for @crownedwithwisteria!

was legit surprised when someone told me chard was one of those "bitter dark leafy greens" bc ive only had it this way

also i know it's vague, that's because it's very forgiving. just adjust the amounts until they seem right. you almost definitely put in plenty of honey the first time.

ingredience & implements:

  • chard (4-6 stems?)

  • apple cider vinegar

  • water

  • honey

  • cast iron pan

  • knife and cutting board

  • implement with which to stir & taste (spatula spoon or fork)

    chop the part of the stems that doesn't have any leaf on it off. cut up and put in pan.

roll the leaf part around the stem and cut up to make long ribbons of leaf. like spaghetti. put aside.

sautee the stems-only portion in water.

do them first bc they take longer to cook than the leaves. once they start to seem kinda cooked, add the leafs

add a splash* of apple cider vinegar and a bit of honey**. taste.

if you added to much vinegar, add water and simmer off/pour off excess. poke at it and taste and adjust until the stems seem done and it tastes right

due to the apple cider vinegar being acidic, that will also draw additional iron out of the pan and so you get even more iron for your iron. i heard you like iron so i put some iron in your iron.

*no more than a teaspoon probably

**no more than a 1/2 teaspoon probably

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  • i have this same problem to a degree and making sure everything has its place can help at least a little ^^ might take a bit of a learning curve to get into the habit of putting things back in their spot tho

funny thing is, the thing i lost, it was an open bag of oyster crackers, and i lost it because i put it away with the rest of them bc i wasn't paying attention

in daily life, i do do that, and quite often i will be like "where the fuck are my earbuds *checks pocket they're always in* gotem", and it's not nearly as much of a problem now as it used to be, but there are still things that slip through the cracks.

like i put shit down when im not paying attention and half the time my autopilot puts them away but the other half im like "wait. wait. what the fuck"

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My harvest is bountiful.

love it when i put down my baggie of oyster crackers and then it just fucking vanishes and i have to spend like 5 minutes trying to find it so ants don't get it (and i still don't know where it is)

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i'd never made bread before so yesterday my boyfriend and i made some and it turned out so well that we did it again today with the addition of some olives and sundried tomatoes. it's delicious! 💛