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So I really like Subnautica. Peepers are my favorite fish from that game. I also really liked Jacksepticeye's play through so I made Sam into a fish as well

I painted a scene from Gris, one of my favorite video games

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hey linguists and gamers thoughts on offering a dialect option as well as a language option in games?

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That could be very interesting. My only (not really) concern is the possibility of erasing characters that have different dialects because of actual background. But this really depends on the game itself.

I could see this option being useful and interesting in settings where there is no national background (ie generic/fantasy/SciFi world that is meant to be separated from any real world location).

But I'm not a linguist so I don't know which lines should/should not be crossed.

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well i was thinking more just for the pov character? like obvs if i have the resources to do this (ie sheer number of people speaking those dialects to provide data/translation) then i would have the resources to have different npcs who speak different dialects so i'd probably chose to do that as well

altho that would pose a problem in terms of language options because how do you translate dialects across languages? i guess you'd just have to ask speakers what dialects seem approx equivalent, or maybe have different characters be at different levels of fluency in other languages. be an interesting story element, might encourage ppl who otherwise would just play in english to get out a dictionary and navigate another language

in the case of an alternate world i'd honestly lean towards maintaining dialectal differences? since there's no reason why alternate worlds wouldn't have different dialects, and there's again the issue of treating mae (mainstream american english) as the 'default' english

hey linguists and gamers thoughts on offering a dialect option as well as a language option in games?

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Hollow Knight doodle

This was supposed to be a detail-less and colorless doodle but in the end, I decided to fill it up a little with color and of course, it doesn't look that good (the top and the bottom look so different with the few lighting I put XD)

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Ok was anybody going to tell me Kamek uses both masculine and feminine pronouns in japanese mario games or was i just supposed to read that on his mario wiki page??

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Kamek said bigender ritez

i recently got liminal on steam (i was looking for superliminal but rip its not there) bc it was free and i havent played a lot (it keeps crashing lmao) but it's super pretty and i REALLY like the concept so i recommend it!!

gender is a sandbox game. limited tools, unlimited possibilities i just finished playing this lovely game (half hour time commitment, but you can leave and come back whenever, there's no timer) about why it is that assholes come out on top (and what you can do to fix it). highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of that time the trench warfarers had xmas together