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Srijon Chowdhury, Roselight, 2019, oil on linen, 91.44 x 60.96 cm

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Space dragon

They say there are dragons in space. Hidden in the darkest places in the galaxy, beings as old as the stars. They say they are born in nebulae and die as supernovae, and that the spationaut who catches their eyes will travel in space without fear, for the dragons will protect them. No one has ever seen one, and no one will, as they are made of legends and dreams. But sometimes, when gazing at the stars, one cannot help but feel the stars gaze back.

Kinda old illustration I made of a space dragon for my story. Spationauts have many myths and legends about space, but this is the most known one.

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the underapreciated art of vertical

more sunsets ofc!

the lighting(or. well. the lack thereof) on this makes no sense at all but whatever i just wanted to have fun with some glowy nonsense

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there he goes!

so its been just a little while since ive posted anything huh akjdfhgdfkjg

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The Home at sunset

So, ever since I read this, I knew I had to do something for it. I didn't google what a sunroom was until I finished drawing so this probably is not what @thehome had in mind, and of course, is lacking a whole lot of flower pots since I'm not good at interior desing, but I'll be damned if I say I didn't try my best, so here ya go!

Desk [Voxel art]

Sometimes I see really pretty images of voxel art and decide to download magicavoxel again, yet I always regret that I still don't know how to actually make things as pretty

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heda -

"Le Figaro have a newly published photograph from inside Notre Dame shortly before the roof collapsed, as molten lead fell into the nave." (+)