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autiestella -

OK! stella goin for it!

topic: period & period products! in specific: reusable cloth pads :)

so stella not super longtime user of cloth pads, but figure long enough where can atleast give insight to ppl w no experience, who maybe intrest in try out or switch

stella use, in specific, teamoy brand! think important mention that cause difrent cloth pads are worn & made in difrent ways w some variance in material, so :)

teamoy pads got v soft bamboo fleece on inside, absorbent layers sandwich between, & waterproof PUL layer on outside! though like stella say, not all cloth pads got this setup, so is good check how each brand describes use & which layers which
for teamoy pads, PUL layer also got pretty prints, which def make feel more fun - stella got em all in pretty flower prints :D

now, stella know difrent brands (& even teamoy) make vary lengths + absorbencys, but stella unable rly talk abt variance cause got em all same (long w heavy absorbency) just cause own periods too unpredictable, & prefer safety xP

OK, question & answer time! may add on more if ppl ask :P

stella! how do keep em on?
cloth pads NOT got adhesive like normal disposables! instead, they got wings w lil popper clips :D much like normal wing pads, will wrap wings round underside, then pop clips closed - can be lil fiddly when not able see, but stella got hang p quick!
this do have downside if you someone who exercise/move round lot, in that pad might shift or become twist while you move - but if you move & exercise p light, should not be too big issue, even when sleep!

how do wash em, o wise stella?
exact procedure personal prefrence, but stella think this work best (atleast personly):
immediate after remove pad, take to sink & run under cold water. squeeze out til water run clean. hang to dry, & once dry, toss in delicates bag. pads go thru wash like other stuff, but NOT dryer - can damage pad! instead, put on clothing line/rack & air dry :)
stella like double-wash just cause not got best water in house for wash delicate stuff, so hand-wash is just so blood not stay in pad for longer than need (which can imagine also not best for it)

stellaaaa, don't they smell?
answer... not unless stick nose in em xP
OK but seriously: they prob smell more during wash than actual use. prob mostly true of any w bamboo in em - just smell like rainy grass!

what abt incidents & incontinence?
cloth pads may still have you cover there, though how well will depend on intensity of incident + absorbency of whatever pads use!
...but personal experience: stella's p much SAVED knickers which had incident in. just had the pad on cause knew period was soon & wanted be prepare... little did stella know would deal w poop & not blood.
but rly! washed in p much same way as w blood, just made sure v careful abt hands after xP
though stella will note, not deal w regular incontinence (or atleast, not in realm of poop) - this more one-off incident from bad circumstance, so may vary/need test if got more regular issue & not already use other products

good input from bee! guess words bit unclear cause is mostly what meant - if someone got occasional/rare issue, or maybe predict/suspect a one-off incident & not got any other product, cloth pad can do in a pinch, long as able remove & wash right away - so not for out of home use! if got much more regular issue and/or plan leave house, then stella imagine diapers & alternatives for those specificly still best bet

babushka -

diy youtubers really be like "and today we are making a candleholder out of wood! #rustic #organic"

babushka -

they make candleholders of all sorts of inflammable materials now. there is a reason they used to be made of stone and metal, not plastic painted to look like it. at least some of the youtubers are decent enough to warn us to use electric candles, which are, in fact, pretty neat and i purchased like 10, but still.

fallow -

pbfAhahaha--i totally missed the fact that wood is flammable fjsldkgfhfk

babushka -

the thing is that this fact is dangerously easy to miss when the world is fool of wooden candleholders. what else is flammable? paint. what do we use to give our glass candleholder a #rustic #organic look? also paint. congratulations, you turned a functional candleholder into a flammable one

crownedwithwisteria -

OKAY BUT AS A CANDLE MAKER THIS IS A HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE like. there are people out there that will think it's fine to burn actual open-flame candles on painted and wooden candle holders without stopping to think about stuff like burnability and assume it's fine just because they're called candle holders and that's dangerous as heck

another thing that's along the same lines is those youtube tutorials on how to make 'cute and/or quirky candles' by doing things like dusting/suspending on the top of your newly-made candle any number of absolutely unsafe very flammable objects. I have seen dried and/or pressed flowers. I have seen little plastic gears. I have seen powdered cinnamon. I have seen candles where people mix glitter throughout the whole dang thing. I've seen where someone mixed rainbow cake sprinkles in the wax.

for reference, those plastic gears and glitter? they will melt. you will be breathing melted plastic fumes. the flowers and the cinnamon will catch fire. I'm not familiar enough with rainbow cake sprinkles to know what they do when exposed to flame, but I'm familiar enough to say that fire is pretty much a guarenteed at this point.

there are many, many easy ways to make cool/interesting looking candles without courting the possibility of accidental fires. none of these particular methods are included in this list.

fungus -

how are crayons for candlemaking?

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babushka -

americans: we are SO Christian!! Prayer before food, prayer before class...

me: ok what's Easter about

americans: uh... Bunnies?????

babushka -

@pageofspace orthodox Easter traditions are also about coloring eggs, and i think i vaguely remember how that's connected to resurrection - when someone back in the day heard the news about it, he said "I won't believe it, sooner the eggs turn red when i believe it" and the eggs in his servant's basket turned red?? thats how i remember the legend going, and i don't know if it's in the bible or not. i just have no idea how it took a bunny turn.

star-rice -

IIRC, as with most christian traditions, it has roots in various pagan beliefs (im sure there are some indepth histories out there somewhere). Spring is usually a time of hope and rebirth and rabbits are a sign of fertility. Similar shit can be said for chickens/eggs/etc and well, the Christian celebration of jesus dying and then being resurrected fits with those themes.

babushka -

also someone said that americans know what Easter is about but like? The way it IS markerted - i just see "bunny day this, bunny day that".

However, Christmas is all about Santa since long ago... Even though there is a cultural reason for that.

Also our Easter is a week later than your Easter. And on your Easter we cele -


I just wanted to explain what вербное воскресенье is, i know верба = ива = some kind of willow.

but Google Translate called верба a "pussy willow" and this went into completely DIFFERENT GODDAMN DIRECTION

star-rice -

Thats because of capitalisms merchandising hell? Everythings gotta be Fun and Safe and For Everyone (ie secularize it just enough so the christians dont get mad but you can involve non-christians as well) so you can sell as much product for a useless holiday as possible. Thats why like 98% of our holidays are pertetuated as mostly about giving things to people (christmas, valentines, halloween, easter, thanksgiving). Its all about corporations selling these holidays to us and its just become embedded into the fabric of our society.

Is the rest of the world not like this? I never know what part of this dystopian hellscape is exclusive to the USA.

fungus -

pussy willows are the willows with the fuzzy tips on their branches. i think theyre like flowers, or seedpods?

like this

i think they're called pussy willows bc cats are fuzzy

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awakeingdreamer -

Okay, I'm seeing a lot of people out there who are worried about the virus because they or someone they live with cannot stop working right now. If you can't stop working, then take precautions, as many as you can. My mom and I are pros at this kind of stuff because we have dealt with viruses and deadly molds fairly often and we always have to make sure we don't get sick and we don't get our animals sick from whatever we've come into contact with.

Take off shoes before entering the house, and leave them outside. You can put them in bags or boxes or something if you're worried about weather getting to them. Although if they're any kind of work or hiking boots or something similar, you can probably just leave them outside upside down and they'll be fine.

Obviously touching doorknobs is necessary, but try to touch as absolutely little as possible, and sanitize anything that does get touched.

Take off clothes as soon as possible. If you don't have a full load of laundry ready, you don't have to wash them right away, but put them in the washer, not the hamper, if you can, to limit exposure, that way you don't have to touch them again or move them through the house until they're clean. If you can't put them in a washer, put them in a trash bag and try to kep the trash bag as close to sealed as possible. (Maybe put a second trash bag over top the first one.)

Shower if possible. If not, at the very least, wash hands throughly. Sing the alphabet or something while you do it.

Use colorox wipes. Dawn soap is amazing and safe for literally everyone. Try not to get too close to people. Don't touch your own face without washing your hands.

Stay aware. You do not have to panic over this, but don't be stupid about it either. Stupidity is what makes this kind of stuff dangerous.

Coronavirus starts in the throat, so if you feel anything, and if you start coughing, jump on it instantly. Gargling warm water salt water or vinegar has been proven to dislodge the virus and elliminate it before it can properly infect you.

flowerfemme -

hey the info about gargling salt water isn't actually true, it'll ease the sore throat sure but it won't 'dislodge' the virus unfortunately

however the cleaning recs are incredibly good i've been doing all of those

and obv this is optional but if you're washing your hands a lot your hands are gonna get dry as shit so if you have any moisturizing lotion you can use probs get that out

personally i really like helping hands from lush as it's made specifically for people in jobs who wash their hands a lot. the actual shops are closed but i think you can still buy online for now

jasvinfellover -

Me, screaming into the endless void that is reverse google image searching:


opti-mized -

if you think the souce (AKA "the sauce" ) might be on dA, pixiv, niconico, drawr, or etc, try saucenao. it's saved me many, many times

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Sources: Textbooks | Tweet

thoughts -

time to get downloadin' those priceless materials 😎

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Protecting Trans Bodies in Death

Important video to watch if you're trans. We all fear being misgendered in death. We fear our bodies not being respected. We've heard the horror stories... But there are ways to protect yourself in death! Caitlin and Order of the Good Death explain how along with providing resources! Please watch and share. This is information everyone should know.


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Bread n Pasta n Other Basics

so i went to the store today and there was no bread or pasta. But there was flour and sugar n base ingredients GALORE. Here's how ya'll use it.

Feel free to send what you've found in stores near you and how to use it.

*How to Make Bread

*No Knead Rosemary Garlic Bread

*How to Make Pasta

*Chicken Soup Basics (including stock)

*Bone Broth

*Beans n Stuff

*Egg Fried Rice

*Baked Potatoes (with the best super crispy skin ever)

*Sugar Cookies

*Ham and Potato Soup

*Pulled Pork

*Veggie Stock

*Ground Beef Bulgogi

*Beef and Cheese Enchilada

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babushka -

how do i get in Valhalla after death? this is a serious question to those of you who know

stop -

isnt the only criteria that you die in battle??

babushka -

okay. i think i can do that

there was one film. which took this concept as "you have to die with a sword in your hand" (discrimination of literally any other weapon but okay). so you could lose your chance if you didn't have a sword and were thrown to the wolves, but you still could go there even if you died fighting your own step brother.

and that's why i used to keep a sword near me and now i need a new one

princeofdoom -

As a side note, there are actually other "halls" and places one can go to after death, it's not just Valhalla or bust (Helheim). And they all have their own ways to get in. And in fact, Freja has Fólkvangr, and the Vanir had their own realm people could go to, iirc.

babushka -

will research

goat-ish -

Honest question but what would count as "battle"? Like just going to the battlefield during war or can I have a street fight behind dennis and still go?

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persephone -

ok i feel dumb asking this but.. how do we invite people

coffee -

its in your blog settings!

heres what it looks like:

(im on mobile so all my screenshots are in that format)

and when someone hits the link it takes them to this page

which is just straightforward account creation. something to keep in mind is whatever blog you create the invite link under will be automatically followed by whoever uses it!

also the invite link isnt just a one-time-use thing, if you go back into your blog settings there it is if you need to copy it again 👌

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zylphide -

nobody asked but im gonna ramble on about my research project

so my lab works on endophytes, which are microbes that live inside plants and help em grow. my particular project is on some strains of Pseudomonas bacteria that i isolated from agave seeds

they glow in under UV light and they're so good!!!

they're highly antifungal (hypothesis: they're fungal pathogens) and they're super helpful to all the plants i've tested them on so far (carrots/coriander/rice/catnip)

right now a friend from another lab and i are collaborating on a project between her catnip and my Pseudomonas to see if my Pseudomonas can induce the catnip to produce more of the essential oil that attracts cats

i'm hoping to get enough data from my other aspects of my own project to have a scientific article completed by this fall/winter

fungus asked:

got any tips for gardening in a dorm room that faces northeast-east and gets about 3 hrs direct sunlight on good days? desperately need plants in my life but left all my succs with my mom bc they were bolting and i was concerned for their health :(

crownedwithwisteria -

hmmmm... any full shade plants should like that, since full shade is actually supposed to be ~3 hours of indirect light a day! hostas give you some pretty leaves, or if you want flowers, there's always impatiens or violets!

you can find lists of full-shade plants online and scroll through those for ideas- anything that can grow in full shade that's also small enough to fit in a dorm room should do just fine, I'd think!

crownedwithwisteria -

*sneakily sliiiides back in* also some additional plants that might be worth a try would be mint, alpine strawberries (won't fruit heavily, but might still produce a berry here and there!), and vinca (periwinkle- vinca minor)!

I would say a cheap grow light would be a good way to get more light in but I think I read that dorms don't allow stuff like that?

fungus -

oooo thankyou i'll see abt the strawbs esp

crownedwithwisteria asked:

велосипед! every dang time that word comes up in my lessons I have to have a paper nearby to write down how it's actually spelled as opposed to my terrible guess XD

babushka -

Story time!

1) the word bicycle is really hard to spell too

2) this word has latin roots! велос is for velosity, speed and whatnot. And пед is for ped - feet (bipedal, for example). So this just means "fast feet" of "faster feet" which is... Kinda true i guess, when it comes to a bike?

But the story is, this word appeared in Russian history long before the invention of a bike!

In 16 century or something, russian church workers apparently knew latin, and some even started to rewrite their surnames in lating, giving them the same meaning but different appearance. That's how a man called Игнатий Велосипедов appeared, much to everyone's confusion. However, the dude must have been called Быстронгов or whatever surname that suggested that he's gotta go fast, but he didn't like it and changed to a fancy lating word... And then, long after that an independently, а велосипед was finally born.

crownedwithwisteria -

@everythingthatmatters ohhh I wish I had a greenhouse! I'd be unstoppable lol
I actually grow all my plants in my room! it really doesn't look pretty at the moment, but here's a picture of my current set up-

steel shelving from lowes + 9 sets of shoplights + 18 T8 florescent daylight bulbs. whole thing cost... maybe $500-$600? each shelf can hold four trays of plants, so I have a pretty good amount of space!

if I ever got the money together I could set up the bottom shelf to grow plants too- trial and error taught me that 2 lights per shelf just isn't enough to prevent stretching, so three per shelf it is!

when it comes to the varieties, I got my hands on my parent's seed collection to go with mine- plus I got gifted a ton too! I generally try to aim to get 3-5 of each variety, since I expect the pests to claim a few, and some seeds to just not germinate. I like a lot of variety in my garden! and I'm very weak for colorful heirloom tomatoes lol.

which varieties are you growing? I might have a few of the same!

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gremlin-gal -

tbh i've been seeing a few posts abt getting hardly any notes on art here, and yeah, i don't get tons, but i do actually get notes (as opposed to tumblr, where most of my art averages like...2 to 3 notes, if they get any at all), and the interactions i do get with my art are really nice and positive

idk, im just rambling and putting some thoughts out there. i really like the supportive atmosphere waterfall has and am trying to engage more with all of the cool people on here :)

80roxy08 -

I know I have more notes of waterfall, but I decided to pull numbers to make a quick comparison and check how much exactly

So : Twitter account, 3 years old

Versus waterfall account, around half as long

More followers on Twitter, but if compared to the number of users, I'm pretty sure I'm more 'popular' on WF

Piece 1 : traditional art, pencil, original art but a creature/concept that can fit many aesthetics

Around the same number of notes. But the difference ? WF got me 95% of reblog, Twit is mostly like. So I have more 'reach' on WF, esp since it's feature-eligible

Piece 2 : An OC, but into a currently popular video game outfit, so kinda fanart too

Nothing on Twitter, despite having mutuals into FE3H. My guess is that the piece didn't even pop up on their dash because of the algorithm. Much more result on WF, whose tagging system is also easier (and less ugly)

Piece 3 : the freaking sparkly giant calmar

An absolute win for WF.

The bilan : with less followers, but more repouring, my art got 10 to 20 more notes on average.

Art that's isn't liked/not posted at the right time usually get 2 to 5 notes, already more than on Twitter. Liked stuff goes to 15-20 really fast.

Sure, I don't get 50-80 notes like I did when we were barely a thousand users, but there is still more interaction going on thanks to the sense of community here. Also, once you find a couple interested people, it's easier to interact : leading OC drawings to be repoured in proportion not usually seen for small artists.

Lastly, I'd say that, regardless of art, I have had more conversation and interaction with people on WF in that year than I had on Tumblr AND Twitter in years. The last time some of my project had that much interest was back on deviantart, years ago, when I did Pokémon comics.

gremlin-gal -

i know im op but uhhh gotta repour this is tight af

yeah, the difference in interaction that i've had here on wf compared to tumblr/twitter/most other social media is pretty noticeable and this addition really helps to show that, i think. waterfall's pretty fucking rad

heres the deal with exposure from an art business graduate

moon -

Essentially the deal with the site is that: no one wants to join it cause no one's on it. obviously you can see the problem. a .null chicken before egg situation. secondly that not everyone has to like the art you post. if you make someone someone doesnt like, or doesnt appeal to them. they simply do not owe anyone anything. this also goes for artist. an artist can draw what they want and owe not a single person a thing.

Exposure comes into 3 pillars:

1. content

2. predictability

3. viewer pool

I'll explain these in the read more.

Content || the content you create is going to be the key factor. if you create art for say the most popular movies out right now, chances are anyone who comes across it is going to like it and spread the exposure, as well as a chance to become a dedicated fan. if you create a piece of concept art for an obscure comic you made which is unpublished, chances are someone isnt going to be interested and if the bare faced art doesnt hold up: it wont go very far.

Predictability || Predictability is one almost no one follows not even myself, but its key! you need to maintain your followers by consistently posting what you are known for and on a consistent schedule, that way people can come to expect when to look for your content, and what you will be posting. its like if suddenly your favorite food blog began posting about 14th century renditions of anime. pretty cool. but not what you came for. or if your favorite comic only updates once every 3 months but not on a specific date. you may not feel compelled to keep track of it. the way a monthly or weekly comic would.

Viewer Pool || Viewership pool is VERY ultimatlely not up to you, but it does have the biggest impact. the above listed is about increasing your odds to have dedicated fans based on who views your content. the aforementioned problem is that if there is no pool? no viewers.
if your mathmatical chances of finding a dedicated viewer is 1/10 per exposed viewer, thats amazing. but if you only have 5 users, where does that leave you? advertising is ENTIRELY dedicated to opening up these numbers, but at the end of the day. there's not much you can do besides try your best to increase these numbers.

Now. you're like. moon you bastard why are you saying this. well. 2 reasons.

1. this should be a good grounding for artists who dont have much expirience in getting exposure and understanding what kind of content to make and when. and

2. pointing out that waterfall isnt that big, and if you dont make an effort to increase the pool, liken your numbers with these rules and interact with others you wont get much.

Heres some tips from yours truly:

  • Try interacting with others, comments ESPECIALLY will be noticed, but reblogging is just as good.

  • Try to cater to what's popular in between your personal stuff

  • Post something. anything! even sketches! just keeping content consistent is key.

  • Try inviting people from other platforms and be sure to give them a warm welcome..!

thats all i got. if you want more tips feel free to shoot me a message.

thellere -

Since you guys said you want to hear me ramble about development stuff more often, I figured I'd start you off on the problem I'm currently looking at solving - both because some of you might find it interesting, and because I'm kind of hoping for an epiphany halfway through that makes the decision easier. So, let's talk about file storage.

The above shows the results of a command run to tell me how much disk space we have and how much is used. For those who don't read Linux (I don't blame you), that's saying that the disk Waterfall is allowed to use is 750GB in size (remember - this is a virtual machine, meaning the disk that's sitting on is bigger, we just needed room for other stuff), with 127GB used and 586GB available. If we assume about 5GB - it's probably less - for the OS, that means Waterfall currently has 122GB of data. 500MB of that is the database which is easy to deal with, Galera clusters are well understood at this point.

122GB is small compared to places like Tumblr, but it's a sign that we're growing and need to start thinking - what happens when we exceed the 750GB we have allocated? More to the point, what happens when 0.26 launches, part of which is where the site finally goes multi-node?

There's really only one answer, and that is "set up a CDN". Now granted, we're not quite using the proper definition of CDN here - CDN implies geographically distributed servers where you connect to the nearest/fastest for your area. I don't really care about that (though it is on the roadmap - more on that later), and just want a way to spread the files out across multiple servers.

We have multiple options here. Cloudflare and AWS would provide us with a proper, bonafide CDN solution. They also cost money, so are out already. That leaves us with two - GlusterFS, and Raven. For the sake of full disclosure, Raven is, eventually, going to need to handle this anyway. The only reason this is being debated at all is because we want 0.26 out ASAP to, hopefully, start earning us some cash so I'm at the very least not putting any more of my personal funds into keeping the site online, if not making some back.

So - the aim here can be distilled into a single point as the core principle. Make sure a file is always available and that we don't run out of space. To expand on that, the basic design I have in mind is that at least two copies of any given file are kept in different places - ideally three, with an extra copy of the "original" quality file, just in case (the idea being that if all three copies of all the lower qualities are lost, there'll be at least one copy of the original left to regenerate them).

GlusterFS would be a really easy way to make this happen - we can set up a distributed replication volume, tell it we want three copies of each, and it'll handle it automatically. Way bigger companies than us use that and handle it fine, it'd take about 20 minutes to set up. It doesn't give us the flexibility to say "keep more copies of this one file" though, adn there's a major issue - the webserver would need to first download that file and then serve it, doubling the bandwidth that specific file needs. There's no way (that I'm aware of) to get the host the file is on from Gluster and have the client connect to it, it has to make its way through the pipes.

The second option, adn the way it'll eventually be done anyway, is using Raven - with this, we have full control over where a file goes, how many copies, etc. It'd also let us move stuff to an SSD cache if it's being hit frequently. There's a large overlap in Gluster and Raven's proposed functionality, but Raven has one advantage - direct connections. We'll be able to tell exactly where a file is and generate a URL for your browser to load it from, halving the bandwidth needed. But, since Raven is built in house, it'll probably take a while before we get it right.

Both of these are perfectly acceptable solutions, and can scale almost infinitely - leaning towards Raven may be a symptom of "Not Invented Here" syndrome, but the question here boils down to whether we want to do it right the first time or go the quick route now and then spend time on it later. As for whywe can't just use Gluster and call it a day - with video sizes, that would absolutely cripple Glacier.

Realistically, we have a large window ahead of us where we can just do nothing, but for the site to grow, I'd rather have it in place and unnecesary than be caught short when it is needed. Hopefully, this post gives you a little insight into one of the challenges we're looking at with designing the infrastructure, and how I look ahead for some future planning!

Future plans involving Raven's CDN stuff are to also allow geographically located servers. Waterfall already looks at where you are for calcualteing timezone and currency - the basic idea here is when we set up a new server somewhere, we draw a circle on a map and call it a "region". Then, we just give your user account a preferred region the next time you log in, and it'll serve you files from servers there if it can.

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vampbyte -

last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?

  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?

  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

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coffee -

kshshdkfm i just realized why i hate pillowforts current invite system so much, its a fucking pyramid scheme

coffee -

to clarify, i had the dismal fortune of getting caught up in a pyramid scheme company practically out of high school and while it was exploitive and anxiety inducing, i dont regret it cause it at least showed me what to look out for

when you get hired into a pyramid scheme, the first week of work is just you inviting your friends/family/barely known aquaintences into it as well.

im not joking, theres even cash rewards to those that get the most people hired into the company, so of course people are going to call everyone they can to get in on it

and pillowfort giving in site rewards to users that send out the most invites? reeks of the same damn thing

An Anonymous user asked:

if i may ask! how would you suggest going about picking up knitting?

step 1: learn to cast on

step 2: do your best

step 3: learn to cast off

step 4: wear your monstrosity

to be more specific:

there's a lot of good knitting tutorials on youtube, but what you really need is someone irl who knows how to knit and can keep an eye on you (otherwise you get Me, Who Doesn't Flip At The Ends Of Rows And Has To Mentally Recalculate Patterns) and can answer questions and tell you if you're doing it right. see if there's a knitting group in your area you can go to.

bulky yarn. big needles. it's easier to see what you're doing. they make a kind of needle that's specifically for beginners that the two needles are a different color and i'm not sure why and i'm pretty sure it's the reason i don't flip at the ends of rows now. on the bright side lacework is way easier to visualize

start with a scarf, it's just a big rectangle. if you fuck something up, tie off anything that might end up unravelling (experienced knitters are good for identifying these) and just keep going.

that's how you get my first scarf, which has a place where i added 5 sts and took them off the other side that's perfect for covering the back of my head/neck, and a nose hole so i dont fog up my glasses. and also several loops of yarn hanging off the sides.

also, get on ravelry. lots of fun patterns there, also forums, here's two active ones i found for beginners, plus one of the profile questions is what your favorite curse word is. im milesss!

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thellere -

Me, seeing everyone in every server I'm in being completely wrong on the Wuhan Coronavirus, the epidemiology nerd in me clawing at my insides to try and correct them on basic virology and transmission vectors

Very much related please don't spread information as fact if you don't have the capability to verify that information. The Wuhan coronavirus is scary - we don't know what it is, or where it came from! But so far, the data suggests a slightly increased transmissivity but significantly decreased lethality when compared to SARS. We've had 17 years to learn from that outbreak, and we know a lot more about what we're dealing with this time round.

Please ignore anyone saying this is going to be the next Spanish Flu and trying to panic you when they don't even know basic stuff like what fomites are or what R-naught means.

fungus -

what are fomites and what does r-naught mean