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OK! stella goin for it!

topic: period & period products! in specific: reusable cloth pads :)

so stella not super longtime user of cloth pads, but figure long enough where can atleast give insight to ppl w no experience, who maybe intrest in try out or switch

stella use, in specific, teamoy brand! think important mention that cause difrent cloth pads are worn & made in difrent ways w some variance in material, so :)

teamoy pads got v soft bamboo fleece on inside, absorbent layers sandwich between, & waterproof PUL layer on outside! though like stella say, not all cloth pads got this setup, so is good check how each brand describes use & which layers which
for teamoy pads, PUL layer also got pretty prints, which def make feel more fun - stella got em all in pretty flower prints :D

now, stella know difrent brands (& even teamoy) make vary lengths + absorbencys, but stella unable rly talk abt variance cause got em all same (long w heavy absorbency) just cause own periods too unpredictable, & prefer safety xP

OK, question & answer time! may add on more if ppl ask :P

stella! how do keep em on?
cloth pads NOT got adhesive like normal disposables! instead, they got wings w lil popper clips :D much like normal wing pads, will wrap wings round underside, then pop clips closed - can be lil fiddly when not able see, but stella got hang p quick!
this do have downside if you someone who exercise/move round lot, in that pad might shift or become twist while you move - but if you move & exercise p light, should not be too big issue, even when sleep!

how do wash em, o wise stella?
exact procedure personal prefrence, but stella think this work best (atleast personly):
immediate after remove pad, take to sink & run under cold water. squeeze out til water run clean. hang to dry, & once dry, toss in delicates bag. pads go thru wash like other stuff, but NOT dryer - can damage pad! instead, put on clothing line/rack & air dry :)
stella like double-wash just cause not got best water in house for wash delicate stuff, so hand-wash is just so blood not stay in pad for longer than need (which can imagine also not best for it)

stellaaaa, don't they smell?
answer... not unless stick nose in em xP
OK but seriously: they prob smell more during wash than actual use. prob mostly true of any w bamboo in em - just smell like rainy grass!

what abt incidents & incontinence?
cloth pads may still have you cover there, though how well will depend on intensity of incident + absorbency of whatever pads use!
...but personal experience: stella's p much SAVED knickers which had incident in. just had the pad on cause knew period was soon & wanted be prepare... little did stella know would deal w poop & not blood.
but rly! washed in p much same way as w blood, just made sure v careful abt hands after xP
though stella will note, not deal w regular incontinence (or atleast, not in realm of poop) - this more one-off incident from bad circumstance, so may vary/need test if got more regular issue & not already use other products

good input from bee! guess words bit unclear cause is mostly what meant - if someone got occasional/rare issue, or maybe predict/suspect a one-off incident & not got any other product, cloth pad can do in a pinch, long as able remove & wash right away - so not for out of home use! if got much more regular issue and/or plan leave house, then stella imagine diapers & alternatives for those specificly still best bet