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a good hat is not "purchased" in a "store". it comes to you in a dream

what if you had a friend coax a mounted officer off their horse and then you ran up and jumped on the horse and rode off with it. would that be rad as shit or what. and also youre wearing cowboy boots and good jeans and one of those fancy embroidered cowboy shirts

dont ever let anyone tell you you have to wash a pan. as long as nothing's burned to the bottom, they're lying

my dad gave me a basil plant and i forgot to water it for a few days and then watered it a BUNCH and now its extra crunchie

paypal is my enemy

reiwa, my first proper geneing project, and drip, an old derg i was ambivalent about but reluctant to let go of. now that i've gene'd them up i love them
reiwa is one of the clan record keepers and an apprentice historian, and drip is a mycologist with one single aesthetic sensibility, which is that they like orange

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facemask creator|Picrew

make a cool facemask! contact creator at, especially if you can explain ...

mask make picrew........

finally made an mspaint picrew. make a fuuuuun facemask and spend literally 5 seconds on every othr aspect

[ID: mspaint-art picrew of a bald white person with scribbly blue eyes, arched eyebrows, and a lavender turtleneck on a black background. they are wearing a facemask with the queer chevrons on it, a pattern of thin white diagonal lines crossing over one another to form diamonds, a black :3 face over where the person's mouth would be, and "BLM" written on the left cheek of the mask in black. end ID]

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when i encounter animals in the outdoors i talk to them very politely. i saw a frog the other day and it startled me and i said "oh! excuse me"

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  1. i started keeping a journal in 11th grade and i've been flagging recently but i'm trying to get back into it bc it's probably good to write stuff down these days when everything kinda looks the same. my handwriting's gotten way worse tho

  2. ive considered trying to get samples of my handwriting and put them into a document so i can see if i can identify what shapes refer to which letters consistently to make it easier to decypher. would take a lot of scanning tho

  3. my "g"s and my "s"s look almost the same because i use a cursive g and can't be bothered to take my pen off the page between letters. also, "ing" has become a completely separate glyph

craving human connection so i listen to podcasts made by people who don't know about cutting down the recording so i get to hear them fucking up when reading off their scripts and going "doot doot doot doot doo..... ah here we are"

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  1. ive been trying to post pics about the plants growing in my dirt cup (cup of dirt i stole from the permaculture garden outside the dining hall) for over a month now

  2. there are two wolves inside me, one says "you should really go eat a proper meal" the other says "but there's a homemade peanut butter cup in the freezer" and the first is trying to convince the other that we can just eat the peanut butter cup after the proper meal

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  1. for like a day and a half after we met i didnt know if one of my friends was a lesbian (he's a cis bi dude)

  2. took organ lessons last summer, would love to get back into that just as soon as i have access to a keyboard

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  1. when i was little i thought the song "michael row your boat ashore" was about a kid i went to school with named michael

  2. when i was little i when my mom said "look you can see orion" i thought she meant my friend orion and then i thought that the constellation of orion was somehow related to my friend orion

brian david gilbert quarantine video look quality alignment chart (with secret third content axis) id under cut

[ID: three political-alignment-chart-style images featuring screenshots from brian david gilbert videos.

the first screenshot is from "building your online brand" and shows brian david gilbert facing frontward, smiling unsettlingly. He has a terrible middle part, sleeked down near-shoulder-length hair, an awful painted-on goatee, and a tan suit that makes his head look slightly too small. henceforth, this is brand gilbert.

the second screenshot is from "PEPCORN: a cooking video" and shows brian david gilbert looking over his shoulder with a friendly smile. His hair is swept in a wave over his head from a part at his temple, and he is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and an extremely good leopard-print fluffy long hooded vest. henceforth, this is pep gilbert.

the third screenshot is from "it's time to get good at the darts" and shows brian david gilbert smiling at the camera cheerily. his hair is parted again at the temple, but is a bit messier. he is wearing a grey short-sleeved shirt. henceforth, this is darts gilbert.

the first image shows an alignment axis. the horizontal axis is labeled "hairstyle quality" and ranges from brand gilbert to pep gilbert. the vertical axis is labeled "outfit quality" and ranges from brand gilbert to pep gilbert.

the second image shows the same image from the first, but compressed to be half as wide. a third axis has been added, labelled on one end "benevolent chaotic energy" with darts gilbert, and on the other end "malevolent chaotic energy" with brand gilbert. in addition, a line has been drawn between a brand gilbert and a pep gilbert, with the line continuing past pep gilbert and ending at text reading "if only BDG had grown a quarantine moustache by now". this line is labeled "facial hair quality"

the third image is the same as the second, but with another pep gilbert placed up in the corner beyond darts gilbert showing that pep gilbert has extremely benevolent chaotic energy, and with another darts gilbert placed at neutral outfit quality and pretty good (but not as good as pep gilbert) hairstyle quality.

end ID]

*thinks about an all-white outfit*

*thinks about an all-denim oufit*

*animorphs into ruth rose from a-z mysteries*

watched arrival (2016) for school today!! it made me feel lots of emotions...... a very good movie. made these for class bc the assignment said i could do an art thing and express myself however i want so fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhh

alien circles

the first circle represents curiosity, discovery, hello. (learning the alien language)

the second circle represents confusion, turbulence, fear. (the issues with the other nations, the language barriers, the confusion about why the aliens are here)

the third circle represents calm, understanding, peace. (once everything's worked out)

made with, but they don't have a "turn the background white" option so i inverted it at

[ID: 3 images showing circles made of a flowy black ink-like substance on a white backround, meant to resemble the alien language of arrival (2016).

the first circle is very wavy, not strictly circular. i didn't go over it with the tool enough times for a clear circle to emerge. there is a section spraying off to the upper left corner, a smaller section spraying out directly left, and a section spraying out to the bottom right corner. coming from the upper left and bottom right to the interior, two sprays seem to reach for each other. along the top, sprays border a smaller pocket of white space on the inner edge.

this circle represents curiosity, discovery, hello.

the second circle is clearly circular, and much more turbulent. the swirls are much darker - this time i overused the tool a bit. a large section sprays out towards the upper left corner, another large section sprays out towards the bottom right corner, and smaller sections spray towards the bottom left and upper right. the interior of the circle is busy and turbulent, with dark knots of ink connected by thin grey strands forming a rough second ring. particularly dark are the top and left sides, with three knots to the left and a large, dark spray looping down from the top.

this circle represents confusion, turbulence, fear.

the third circle is the most defined circle, and is very similar to the second, to the point that if you flip between them you can see sections of the second become the third. it is mostly a circle, with very few sprays compared to the previous circles. small sections spray from the upper left corner towards the top and left. a single strand sprays out towards the right, and another strand sprays towards the bottom right corner and then curls upwards. strands seep down from the bottom of the circle to the edge. in the interior, faint grey strands seep from the bottom right, and a flow of black strands arches around the bottom left. at the upper right, a section sprays inwards, and the upper left sends a few small tendrils towards it.

this circle represents calm, understanding, peace.

end ID]

just realized that considering wearing shutter shades impedes EVERYONE's vision i might as well get a pair.

image this: i am in class. the teacher writes something on the board. i pull out a glasses case, remove my shutter shades, put on my actual glasses, peer at the board discerningly, and then take off my actual glasses and put them back in the case & replace the shutter shades upon my face

Ravelry: milesss' hell of scraps and bits (chicken shawl)

started a new project, finally

it's a shawl made of various bits of yarn of varying lengths i got from a sweater of my dad's that had holes in the elbows. it's also unwittingly kind of my school colors. im super excited, the pattern name also rlly matches the yarn colors bc,, these are chicken colors so it'll be like a chicken