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more pictures from my walk the other day (I have plenty more of course haha, stay tuned for them!)

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lina -

went for a walk with a friend today ♡

summer vs winter

Flowers, flowers, more flowers . . . and a winter sunset after a rainstorm. All four are oil paintings, the first two on canvas and the second two on wooden panels.


I met this handsome fellow in Puerto Rico.

"The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand."

capitalism makes your life a commodity. eat dirt.

click here for michelin star dirt

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if yall r ever in Barcelona I very much recommend the restaurant El Nacional,,, i had this hella gr8 squid

to stop people from asking annoying questions like 'what's so good about moss?', 'why do you eat dirt?' and 'shouldn't you leave the woods at some point?' get this delivered to your nearest tree !!!

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its moss babey

@butch-link @transwerewolfhere you go some moss pics that arent gucci but are still okay

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In honor of TuesDirt, enjoy this interesting slime mold I found a couple of days ago 🍄

mcatnip asked:

6. What's your favorite spot of nature to visit or look at in your city?

there's this gorge with a hiking trail that's within walking distance of my house and goes all the way up to the collegetown and i really love walking along it or sitting in the waterfall on a hot day or wandering dipping my toes in the slower parts or sitting and drawing!!! it's very green and i love it

crownedwithwisteria asked:

1, 12, & 14 for the nature ask meme! :D

1. What are your favorite urban flowers?

  • oh forget-me-nots absolutely
  • idk if that's urban? but there sure are a lot of em

12. What's your favorite thing about nature in the city?

  • my city is very obviously built on paved-over forested swampland
  • by which i mean there are trees fucking everywhere
  • from the top of the hill it isn't even obviously a proper city it just looks like a forest with a bunch of houses in it bc most of the buildings are <4 stories high
  • but theyre building big ones downtown now :/
  • but yeah i really love how many trees we have
  • i also love how many people have turned their treelawns (i think that's what the strip between the sidewalk and road is called?) into flower or veg gardens! it's really great to be walking somewhere and just pass a bajilion little gardens

14. Do you enjoy being out in the sun if you are able to?

  • depends on how hot it is lol
  • but yeah i really like sitting out on the porch in the mornings before it gets fucking horrible out
  • real nice to lie in the grass and take a nap