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don't be afraid to take chances

a set of observational studies that kind of got out of hand

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robot -

quarantine got me pulling out the stash of dollar store acrylics

This has been a favorite for a long time

Acrylic ink on watercolor paper

12 x 18 inches

Because of my anxiety, I was getting real discouraged real fast with the digital art. (It doesn't matter that I've had the tablet for under a week, and that my experience before that was years ago and spotty. My brain was still insisting that I should be a master of it NOW.) So, I figured the best thing I could do was simple practice things. And coloring is definitely something I need practice with in all mediums. So, here is an orange slice. I think it turned out rather well?

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Andrej Dúbravský (Slovakian, b. 1987), Yellow Evening, 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 95 x 80 cm.

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nearly done! i have more shading and line coloring to do, plus i need to clean up the lighting and adjust the colors a bit, but im really happy with how it's progressing!

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the underapreciated art of vertical

more sunsets ofc!

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That girl [finished]

After two weeks I finally finished my cellphone background and let me tell you that I'm loving it! <3

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That girl [gray step]

I have been working on this new cellphone background for more than 4 days since I decided to put waaaaay too much detail on the hair, so I have been stuck on the gray step for a long time. I’ll see how I wanna put color on it but Imma leave like this for now so I can use it

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This is art. You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, stare at the art.

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naiad -

Memphis Zoo

film photography

instagram | ko-fi

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Original: Digital, clip studio paint and iPad Pro

8x11 prints available!

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Little House [Voxel art]

A little thing I did while thinking about how to adult

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Eclipse by Simon Christen In alignment with the Sun and the Moon. Annular eclipse 2012 shot from Mt. Shasta in California.