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Am I the only person on the planet who thinks "shells" is the worst fucking shape for pasta to ever be twisted into? Because shells have rhyme with hell for some reason and I swear to God, biting unassumingly into what you thought was one (1) singular shell only to find it was actually two that decided to get closer than a couple of teenagers in the back of a car and not fucking cook all the way through is the worst fucking experience and I will shoot the italian who thought that this was the masterpiece form pasta needed.

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it's a small bowl..... for the sauce....... dont bemean :(

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"This or That" Food Edition

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For anyone to do, just answer in the tags what you'd pick!

Cake or Pie? Coffee or Tea? Pasta or Pizza? Cereal or Oatmeal? Baking or Cooking? Pancakes or Waffles? Ice Cream or Popsicles? Soda/Pop or Sparkling Water? Milkshakes or Smoothies? Cinnamon or Peppermint? Gummy Candy or Hard Candy? Chocolate Chip Cookies or Sugar Cookies?

Cutthroat Kitchen or Chopped?