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facemask creator|Picrew

make a cool facemask! contact creator at, especially if you can explain ...

mask make picrew........

finally made an mspaint picrew. make a fuuuuun facemask and spend literally 5 seconds on every othr aspect

[ID: mspaint-art picrew of a bald white person with scribbly blue eyes, arched eyebrows, and a lavender turtleneck on a black background. they are wearing a facemask with the queer chevrons on it, a pattern of thin white diagonal lines crossing over one another to form diamonds, a black :3 face over where the person's mouth would be, and "BLM" written on the left cheek of the mask in black. end ID]

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This black and white picrew still has more skintone variety than most anime ones have.


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a picrew that lets me do my exact hairstyle???? it's less likely than you'd think

An Anonymous user asked:

3 & 4 for the Picrew ask meme!!

3. Is there something you always add to the picrews of you even though you don't have it in real life? What is it? (supernatural elements, etc).

  • if there are heart eye glasses i almost always use em (rare exception when they dont look good, or when they actually have enough glasses options that i can get something close to my own glasses)

4. Do you have a "signature expression" you make in your picrews? (facial expression, gestures, etc.)

  • ✌️ peace sign emoji baby

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I found a new English picrew tutorial

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I remember someone asking for a tutorial some days ago, and the link I posted was dead

Well I found a new one today! All credits goes to the author, who posted their social media links in the doc!Hope this can help someone ~!