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minimalist quiz

what are you?

mcatnip(they/them, оно)
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I got ORANGE GAY... what type of gay are you?

i'm vibe checking all of you and you have no say in the matter



Red gay, accurate



you are energetic and confident. although you can be anxious at times, and it makes you hesitate, at your core you’re a very vibrant person who loves to make people laugh and spend time with your friends. you seek out connection, but when people reciprocate your interest, you get nervous and second-guess yourself. when you allow yourself to get past that, you’re a dedicated friend and partner who loves to shower the people close to you in affection and show them off. you match best with orange and blue gays.



you’re quiet. you have a dry sense of humor, and can be fairly stoic, though you may not intend to come off that way. you don’t particularly enjoy drama or confrontation, and are generally a passive person, but if things become serious you’re the first person to work on solving things. you think logically and objectively, which helps you keep a level head, but it comes at the cost of ignoring or blocking out your emotions. you do show people you care, but tend to express only a fraction of your real attachment, choosing to quietly yearn rather than risk showing your hand too much. you match best with green and yellow gays.


*boulevard of broken dreams starts playing*

you’re soft and introspective. you value your privacy and quiet, and though you feel on edge if left alone too much, you need time to yourself in order to feel calm. however, when you are in the mood for it, being around your more extroverted friends makes you very happy. you’re meticulous when it comes to aesthetic, and like to curate your surroundings to reflect your personality. you enjoy a good debate, and are very perceptive when it comes to others, whether that’s something you look for or simply pick up on. you match best with indigo and red gays.



the best word to summarize you is passion. you feel things very strongly, and can be all-or-nothing with emotions. people often describe you as intense, which also has to do with your competitive nature. despite coming off as intimidating a lot, you don’t mean to seem that way, and actually crave connection and intimacy. it’s difficult for you to trust people enough to achieve that, though. not everyone gets to see your more relaxed and friendly side, but when you do let people in, you hang onto them with everything you have. you match best with blue and green gays.