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emlynlua -

disclaimer there is nothing inherently wrong with veganism but there is a certain white western vegan culture which has some problems, this post is not abt all vegans

there are many very good posts critiquing white vegan culture but theres something i havent really seen addressed.

like maybe its bc im vegetarian and i look at vegan recipes more but there is a Big Trend of trying to make a meat/dairy substitute that matches the taste of the original but they end up not substituting the nutrients? eg cauliflower steaks, that jackfruit thing. this doesnt happen as much with dairy but definitely with meat products

and like, here's the thing: you need protein. you need fats. your body needs nutrients that it will Not get from vegetables. i understand that for ppl who are used to the 'meat and two veg' meals its a hard change, especially if you, , like meat but like u really do have to restructure ur relationship to food and how you think about it. i get so worried for the health of all those vegan recipe bloggers who seem to just be trying to find taste substitutes for meals they loved and not focusing on like their actual health requirements. and i mean actual health requirements, not fucking diet culture. i honestly think that in a decade or two theres gonna be a massive rise in health problems related to nutrient deficiencies, and it will be because of irresponsible veganism.

babushka -

yeah west is not really good at having enough steady meat substitutes at all, and im afraid that people are being pressured into eating vegan before they have the time and energy to make research about how to substitute proteins which is crucial for their health. there are already studies about the long-term damages of low-protein diets, the results of which only start being visible within a year or two. that's why i dislike it when people say veganism is easy and quick to switch to. it really depends on your area, your body, your expertise in cooking and food, etc.

princeofdoom -

I think a big thing, especially in America, but I'm sure in a lot of the better off European countries too, is that we often aren't taught what (usually plant) foods need to go together to create "complete proteins", aka, having all the amino acids that your body can't create itself, as well as various trace nutrients like minerals that we need to stay healthy.

So people will make, for example, a soy burger and treat it like a normal burger and eat it with wheat based bread, etc etc, and end up not having enough of certain nutrients when all they'd need to do to correct that is to eat their soy with rice. That's literally it. Rice+soy = a complete protein, just like rice and beans, peanuts and wheat, potatoes and dairy, squash and corn/maize, etc. And a lot of native cultures around the world base their diet around combos like these that form complete proteins, and then they add to their diet on top of that base. And people in these cultures know, if you have very little and you need to fall back on something, you eat these two things together, and it might not be exciting but it's filling and YOU'LL LIVE and you won't get horribly sick from it.

This is also compounded with the fact that outside animal based foods (meat and dairy), B vitamins are pretty scarce and when you do find them it's usually in fungi like yeast and mushrooms. Yeast outside of bread is a new concept for a lot of Westerners, and mushrooms can be an issue for a lot of folks with sensory issues or just.... don't like them? And a lot of people in the US don't have access to cheap meat replacements.

But I mean, even putting aside any issues in getting foods like soy burgers or whatever meat and dairy replacements, a lot of folks just don't know what to eat them with/how to eat them to get the best out of their nutrition. :( And a lot of it is taking things out of their context, which is a form of cultural appropriation and has concequences for the people it's done to (higher prices for staple foods they need to live) as well as the people doing it (as emlynlua mentioned, people can become nutrient deficient and seriously ill over time).

fungus -

i feel like a lot of people see going vegan as like a minor change, like you're just going to a different aisle of the grocery store and budgeting an extra $$ every week for the health food rackup and they don't commit, when veganism is literally completely changing one of the fundamental aspects of being alive and you really do need to completely restructure your diet.

my mom tried to become a vegitarian when she first went to college in like texas, which meant a meat and potatoes meal minus the meat, and it fucked her UP

also wikihow is god i just googled what foods create complete proteins and wikihow was like "hello here is how to combine food to make complete proteins"

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Am I the only person on the planet who thinks "shells" is the worst fucking shape for pasta to ever be twisted into? Because shells have rhyme with hell for some reason and I swear to God, biting unassumingly into what you thought was one (1) singular shell only to find it was actually two that decided to get closer than a couple of teenagers in the back of a car and not fucking cook all the way through is the worst fucking experience and I will shoot the italian who thought that this was the masterpiece form pasta needed.

fungus -

it's a small bowl..... for the sauce....... dont bemean :(

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goropancakechi -

Like. Okay I don't want to go on about this too much, but this has been bothering me for a while. Related to my last post.

All jokes aside I do have an older sister living in england. I don't know her though, just know of her. I can't say I'm too emotionally involved in the whole ordeal, but I am curious; What kind of life does she have? What's she like? Would she like me? etc. I know she has a husband and a son, but that's it.

So I googled some things. No details for obvious reasons. Didn't find anything, then again I didn't have much to go on. Could have asked my mom, but it's hard on her to talk about it, so she doesn't know.

I never once got adds or reccomends or anything about adoption in my life. Guess what suddenly popped up more often? Yep.

Lots of stuff about england too, but that was a bit less surprising seeing as I'm interested and googling stuff about other countries either way. The weird part was that it was almost exclusively stuff about London (her last known location, as far as I know).

Now I'm not a huge tinfoil hat person, but I know shit like that is happening and why those very, oddly, specific things suddenly decided to be there, and it's unnerving at best and downright terrifying at worst.

Maybe I'm taking this too personally but it's. So weird. I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate it.

star-rice -

Ooh I'll have to look up the tumblr post I've seen more than a few times. But yeah, no, like, there are so many corporations that have access to the data you create when you use the internet. Your search results are sold to ad companies who pay for most of our free services on the internet and in tern get to personalize how they advertise to you (google is kind of really bad about this on all fronts).

There are ways to get around it though. You could go tin foil and nuke everything, but there are smaller steps you can take. Look up how to depersonalize googles advertising to you. I wanna say theres a whole site you can use to mass opt-out of this garbage.

Secondly, and what I find more fascinating is extentions for firefox (and chrome, but please just.... stop using that wholesale if you serious about caring about your informational privacy) that intentionally obscure the data you put out there. I know theres one that creates fake "clicks" to advertisements and creates fake search results so any agency trying to create a file on you cant parse between real and fake information (this is a huge problem with big data right now, google, facebook, amazon, governments, they dont know what to do with it! Like at all. The technology just isn't there yet among algorithms. They can barely sort all that data much less judge the validity of it).

fungus - this one?

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What is your Runalong I must know. I know I'm not the only one ok I swear,, i hope ;;
Mine kinda changes depending on the time of the day jkdsfjs- like if it's dark outside and the streetlights are on, it would kinda blend in with the lights. The lights are aliveeee.

crownedwithwisteria -

mine were cats! not even cool shadowy cats or anything asdfghjkl they were just. cats XD

star-rice -

Negl, mine were usually my Pokemon team at the time. Esp my Staraptor

mcatnip -

mine was Alf on a skateboard

wyvern-king -

It's hard to put these things into words. They move like spiders.

fungus -

i dont remember doing this but i know exactly how they move so maybe i did

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I got ORANGE GAY... what type of gay are you?

i'm vibe checking all of you and you have no say in the matter


star-rice -

Red gay, accurate

babushka -


you are energetic and confident. although you can be anxious at times, and it makes you hesitate, at your core you’re a very vibrant person who loves to make people laugh and spend time with your friends. you seek out connection, but when people reciprocate your interest, you get nervous and second-guess yourself. when you allow yourself to get past that, you’re a dedicated friend and partner who loves to shower the people close to you in affection and show them off. you match best with orange and blue gays.

beenary -


you’re quiet. you have a dry sense of humor, and can be fairly stoic, though you may not intend to come off that way. you don’t particularly enjoy drama or confrontation, and are generally a passive person, but if things become serious you’re the first person to work on solving things. you think logically and objectively, which helps you keep a level head, but it comes at the cost of ignoring or blocking out your emotions. you do show people you care, but tend to express only a fraction of your real attachment, choosing to quietly yearn rather than risk showing your hand too much. you match best with green and yellow gays.

mcatnip -

*boulevard of broken dreams starts playing*

you’re soft and introspective. you value your privacy and quiet, and though you feel on edge if left alone too much, you need time to yourself in order to feel calm. however, when you are in the mood for it, being around your more extroverted friends makes you very happy. you’re meticulous when it comes to aesthetic, and like to curate your surroundings to reflect your personality. you enjoy a good debate, and are very perceptive when it comes to others, whether that’s something you look for or simply pick up on. you match best with indigo and red gays.

fungus -


the best word to summarize you is passion. you feel things very strongly, and can be all-or-nothing with emotions. people often describe you as intense, which also has to do with your competitive nature. despite coming off as intimidating a lot, you don’t mean to seem that way, and actually crave connection and intimacy. it’s difficult for you to trust people enough to achieve that, though. not everyone gets to see your more relaxed and friendly side, but when you do let people in, you hang onto them with everything you have. you match best with blue and green gays.

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i really think we need to start making a distinction between being a feminist and hating men again, because there are a lot of people (TERFs/political lesbians) out there calling themselves (TERFs/political lesbians) feminists when really they (TERFs/political lesbians) just hate men and people they (TERFs/political lesbians) think are men

fallow -

soooooooo whats a political lesbian

fungus -

political lesbians were more of a thing/term used in the second wave feminism era, they were basically people who said women should all just choose lesbianism (even if they're straight) because it wasn't feminist to date "the enemy". biphobic and transphobic as well obvs. it's kind of a synonym/subset of TERF

this seemed like an interesting set-up! too bad I don't have free windowspace to test it out tho XD

fungus -

might try this with the onions ive got growin themselves on the windowsill, i've been meaning to plant them

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naiad -

We have a little front yard now and I think once restrictions start getting lifted I'd like to build one of those tiny lending library things to put outside for the neighborhood. There are a ton of kids in the area and I have to go through some boxes of books still and I think that would be a wonderful way to spread around some of the books I'd otherwise donate

fallow -

oh that'd be lovely!!

my mom's mentioned wanting to make one of those too but she's always so busy she hasn't really had the chance. nearly 1/5 of my room is books though so we certainly have enough for it fdjlskgh

naiad -

Just be careful with what you put in there because I've sadly seen them vandleized or all the books stolen :( If it catches on and seems like people are using it honestly I'll do an update though and probably buy some goodwill books ocasionally to restock it once my job opens up

It's always been something that I think would be incredibly fun and rewarding to do!

fungus -

there's one of those on the corner of my street that i used to peek into every morning i wasn't late on the way to school :). it had different little sections for different sizes/age ranges of books

babushka -

diy youtubers really be like "and today we are making a candleholder out of wood! #rustic #organic"

babushka -

they make candleholders of all sorts of inflammable materials now. there is a reason they used to be made of stone and metal, not plastic painted to look like it. at least some of the youtubers are decent enough to warn us to use electric candles, which are, in fact, pretty neat and i purchased like 10, but still.

fallow -

pbfAhahaha--i totally missed the fact that wood is flammable fjsldkgfhfk

babushka -

the thing is that this fact is dangerously easy to miss when the world is fool of wooden candleholders. what else is flammable? paint. what do we use to give our glass candleholder a #rustic #organic look? also paint. congratulations, you turned a functional candleholder into a flammable one

crownedwithwisteria -

OKAY BUT AS A CANDLE MAKER THIS IS A HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE like. there are people out there that will think it's fine to burn actual open-flame candles on painted and wooden candle holders without stopping to think about stuff like burnability and assume it's fine just because they're called candle holders and that's dangerous as heck

another thing that's along the same lines is those youtube tutorials on how to make 'cute and/or quirky candles' by doing things like dusting/suspending on the top of your newly-made candle any number of absolutely unsafe very flammable objects. I have seen dried and/or pressed flowers. I have seen little plastic gears. I have seen powdered cinnamon. I have seen candles where people mix glitter throughout the whole dang thing. I've seen where someone mixed rainbow cake sprinkles in the wax.

for reference, those plastic gears and glitter? they will melt. you will be breathing melted plastic fumes. the flowers and the cinnamon will catch fire. I'm not familiar enough with rainbow cake sprinkles to know what they do when exposed to flame, but I'm familiar enough to say that fire is pretty much a guarenteed at this point.

there are many, many easy ways to make cool/interesting looking candles without courting the possibility of accidental fires. none of these particular methods are included in this list.

fungus -

how are crayons for candlemaking?

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fallow -

really wish i could do cooking in the metric system tho like what even is a cup

im trained for the lab not the kitchen and i didnt even kno that a tablespoon was 15mL until a few months ago seems kinda unfair 2 me 2 just give things random names and never tell anyone what it means

beefox -

bee uses metric but no idea what cup is. cup is cup, use mesure cups and has things.

ohoh think cup is 250ml or 200ml! bee mesure cups have on them. but don't remeber

fallow -

[id: screenshot of a search bar and answer. in the search bar is typed "how many ml in a cup" and the answer is "1 Cup (US Legal) = 240 Mililitre". end id.]

oh yes yes it is 240mL! that's funny i never knew cup lined up to a whole number of mL

side note, why are there multiple types of cups,

[id: screenshot of a dropdown menu of units of measurement. There are lots of them listed alphabetically. The highlighted one is "Cup (US Legal)". Above that there is one that says "Cup (Imperial)". end id.]

ok apparently theres diffrent us/imperial versions of all those type of measurement?? looks like they only slightly different but seems like it would get confusing...[this is probably why lab use metric only not use cup or ounce]

fallow -

@requiemarchitect commented:
they forgot Cup (US Illegal)

how dare u hide this in the comments fdjkghhg

fungus -

wait i thought imperial was the us legal measurement system

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babushka -

americans: we are SO Christian!! Prayer before food, prayer before class...

me: ok what's Easter about

americans: uh... Bunnies?????

babushka -

@pageofspace orthodox Easter traditions are also about coloring eggs, and i think i vaguely remember how that's connected to resurrection - when someone back in the day heard the news about it, he said "I won't believe it, sooner the eggs turn red when i believe it" and the eggs in his servant's basket turned red?? thats how i remember the legend going, and i don't know if it's in the bible or not. i just have no idea how it took a bunny turn.

star-rice -

IIRC, as with most christian traditions, it has roots in various pagan beliefs (im sure there are some indepth histories out there somewhere). Spring is usually a time of hope and rebirth and rabbits are a sign of fertility. Similar shit can be said for chickens/eggs/etc and well, the Christian celebration of jesus dying and then being resurrected fits with those themes.

babushka -

also someone said that americans know what Easter is about but like? The way it IS markerted - i just see "bunny day this, bunny day that".

However, Christmas is all about Santa since long ago... Even though there is a cultural reason for that.

Also our Easter is a week later than your Easter. And on your Easter we cele -


I just wanted to explain what вербное воскресенье is, i know верба = ива = some kind of willow.

but Google Translate called верба a "pussy willow" and this went into completely DIFFERENT GODDAMN DIRECTION

star-rice -

Thats because of capitalisms merchandising hell? Everythings gotta be Fun and Safe and For Everyone (ie secularize it just enough so the christians dont get mad but you can involve non-christians as well) so you can sell as much product for a useless holiday as possible. Thats why like 98% of our holidays are pertetuated as mostly about giving things to people (christmas, valentines, halloween, easter, thanksgiving). Its all about corporations selling these holidays to us and its just become embedded into the fabric of our society.

Is the rest of the world not like this? I never know what part of this dystopian hellscape is exclusive to the USA.

fungus -

pussy willows are the willows with the fuzzy tips on their branches. i think theyre like flowers, or seedpods?

like this

i think they're called pussy willows bc cats are fuzzy

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this is an avatar the last airbender post

fungus -

man what the fuck was up with that wooden prison tho

like, toph is THE only earthbender who can bend metal. i can buy them guessing "earthbender" but how would they then make the EXTREME logic leap to "wooden prison"

im sure we're supposed to assume they were told it was toph by sparky sparky boom man or something but i didnt intuit that instinctively so i'm gonna drop that and give you my, cooler, theory

i think they just. have wooden cells. in the firenation

cause you would think "firebender in wooden prison = out in a jiffy" because like.... fire.......... wood....................... burnin

xcept firebenders, if theyre good, can also (probably) melt through metal

the difference between metal and wood, to a firebender, here, is how they respond to being burnt through. metal you can melt through with little fuss - just grab on, heat your hands up, you get a little bit of smoke, and eventually you get a couple bars weak enough to break. or you could do what katara does with freezing chains and smashing them - weaken them with rapid temp change

wood, on the other hand, goes up in roaring flames, instantly alerting fucking e v e r y o n e to your escape attempt. plus you're now in an on-fire cage, and firebenders aren't actually fireproof so that's not good if you can't smash through the bars before the ceiling collapses

i think that they did guess that toph was an earthbender, and so the "what kind of prison cell is this?!" "a wooden one" exchange was not "haha you can't metalbend out" but rather "welcome to the fire nation motherfucker, here we use wood for our prison cells"

bogwitcharts -

As a thoughtful addition, since the cell had a wooden floor, celling and 4 wooden walls it would also probably be a good place to contain an earth bender in a pinch. if toph was say put in a prison cell with metal bars and stone walls/floor (like most real prison cells and like the one that Iroh is placed in) she would also be able to just hop right out of there easy, even easier if she was on the ground floor and could just tunnel to victory.

the only other option would be to like suspend her in an all metal cage in the air, which has its own challenges

fungus -

this is true! i imagine that therefore prisons in the earth kingdom are made entirely from metal and so toph's line about "metalbending out" was from an assumption that the ground would not be made of earth

it's not totally clear what an earthbender's limitations are when it comes to distance from earth, but it seems like having contact with the ground is important, and would especially be so for toph, since it's kind of hard to manipulate earth if you can't tell it's there. in imprisoned the earthbenders could manipulate the loose coal without being actively standing in it, but throwing some crumply rocks is very different from yanking solid hunks of dirt out of the ground so it makes sense it'd be easier. anyway i think earth kingdom prisons don't have any cells on the ground floor since that's close enough you could lean out your window and yank really hard and you might get something

and yeah iroh's cell (and the boiling rock, tho a wooden prison wouldnt really be viable there ither lol) is made of metal so maybe it's just county jails/station holding cells that are made of wood, since they don't have the manpower to have lots of guards

listening to the band human petting zoo actively improved my mental health

gonna specifically recommend Do It 4 Yrself (DI4Y) bc its the first song of theirs i ever heard

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bogwitcharts -

Man there was an article in the CBC where hair stylists were trying to tell people not to do DIY cuts during the virus and im just like, what are you the fun police?

The risk is at its lowest right now! If you fuck it up so what! You dont have some important meeting or date or some shit were all inside

Youve got nowhere to be and the hair getting shaggy? Clip that shit

fungus -

the only disadvantage of cutting your hair is that if you do it now then you can't do it later

solution: start by finding out just how many weird hairstyles you can do with your current haircut

fungus -

all those rpg video games are the same. leveling up and fighting dragons. i want something different... a video game where u be FULL COMMUNISM

found a fun post generator

naiad -

goropancakechi -

ive seen geese. i know what they can do to a person. i saw one of them pray to mud

fungus -

im trapped in a babies r us right now which is substantially worse than a toys r us. i havent seen daylight for months and i cannot escape. please rescue me from baby hell so i can once again go on a date with werewolves

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mutual aid during the coronavirus pandemic

flowerfemme -

the government will not help us, we need to help each other, here are some resources as to how we go about doing that

various mutual aid groups and resources for starting your own mutual aid group

more resource and mutual aid groups and general information

and to add, there has been a call for a general strike if the united states does not implement medicare for all in response to this crisis by april 1st. if there is not medicare for all by then, we grind the economy to a screeching halt starting april 2nd until everyone is cared for. if the government can pull over $1 trillion out of their ass for a 30 minute bump in the stock market, they have no fucking excuse to not give us medicare for all.

here is more detailed information on the care strike
there are more mutual aid links, direct action tips, etc on that account to look into as well.
if there is not a mutual aid group in your area and you would be interested in starting one, this is a good resource on how to start that

i myself am VERY new to all this so i'm probably not the best person to ask specific questions. however, i am part of a discord server full of experienced organizers run by this person. if you're interested, go ahead and look in the 'org discord' highlight on their page for the link.

we will get through this together and we will be better for it. i have a good feeling about this, despite how bleak things look at the moment.

fungus -

this is a google doc with information on immune compromised people in need of items.

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ok-computer -

As much as I love watching music critics on youtube and stuff, my ultimate opinion is that the best music is whatever makes someone happiest

thoughts -

shoutout to toby fox for making me discover new emotions ✌️

fungus -

the only criteria that matters is 'did i like* it'

*where like can mean anywhere from 'would experience a million times over' to 'i never want to experience that again but god. damn.' to 'this is unplesant. i'll have another'

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naiad -


I didn't show you guys the clearly cursed relics left behind when we moved into the house

naiad -

So the first night we came into the house, these two were just sitting in the basement and it appears the larger cat has had it's eyes burned???

the landlady ended up taking them a couple days later but boy were they a bit unsettling

fungus -

damn....... i think u were robbed

crownedwithwisteria -

:OOO !!!!

I want... all the apples now aaaa, that's so cool!! I didn't even know you could get heirloom apple trees!!! 100% gonna try and get some apples from this guy when I get a chance!!

fungus -

i saw "15$ suprise tree" and i thought "man i wish i didn't live in a north/east facing dorm"

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I saw the detail of the dick on these socks and I had to buy them

fungus -

hey can i get a good shot of the full image on that sock? for. reasons

star-rice -

I'm gonna put on music!

-20 minutes of silence later-

Wait a minute....

star-rice -

Triple same, dude. @fungus