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don't be afraid to take chances

a set of observational studies that kind of got out of hand

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autiestella -

OK! stella goin for it!

topic: period & period products! in specific: reusable cloth pads :)

so stella not super longtime user of cloth pads, but figure long enough where can atleast give insight to ppl w no experience, who maybe intrest in try out or switch

stella use, in specific, teamoy brand! think important mention that cause difrent cloth pads are worn & made in difrent ways w some variance in material, so :)

teamoy pads got v soft bamboo fleece on inside, absorbent layers sandwich between, & waterproof PUL layer on outside! though like stella say, not all cloth pads got this setup, so is good check how each brand describes use & which layers which
for teamoy pads, PUL layer also got pretty prints, which def make feel more fun - stella got em all in pretty flower prints :D

now, stella know difrent brands (& even teamoy) make vary lengths + absorbencys, but stella unable rly talk abt variance cause got em all same (long w heavy absorbency) just cause own periods too unpredictable, & prefer safety xP

OK, question & answer time! may add on more if ppl ask :P

stella! how do keep em on?
cloth pads NOT got adhesive like normal disposables! instead, they got wings w lil popper clips :D much like normal wing pads, will wrap wings round underside, then pop clips closed - can be lil fiddly when not able see, but stella got hang p quick!
this do have downside if you someone who exercise/move round lot, in that pad might shift or become twist while you move - but if you move & exercise p light, should not be too big issue, even when sleep!

how do wash em, o wise stella?
exact procedure personal prefrence, but stella think this work best (atleast personly):
immediate after remove pad, take to sink & run under cold water. squeeze out til water run clean. hang to dry, & once dry, toss in delicates bag. pads go thru wash like other stuff, but NOT dryer - can damage pad! instead, put on clothing line/rack & air dry :)
stella like double-wash just cause not got best water in house for wash delicate stuff, so hand-wash is just so blood not stay in pad for longer than need (which can imagine also not best for it)

stellaaaa, don't they smell?
answer... not unless stick nose in em xP
OK but seriously: they prob smell more during wash than actual use. prob mostly true of any w bamboo in em - just smell like rainy grass!

what abt incidents & incontinence?
cloth pads may still have you cover there, though how well will depend on intensity of incident + absorbency of whatever pads use!
...but personal experience: stella's p much SAVED knickers which had incident in. just had the pad on cause knew period was soon & wanted be prepare... little did stella know would deal w poop & not blood.
but rly! washed in p much same way as w blood, just made sure v careful abt hands after xP
though stella will note, not deal w regular incontinence (or atleast, not in realm of poop) - this more one-off incident from bad circumstance, so may vary/need test if got more regular issue & not already use other products

good input from bee! guess words bit unclear cause is mostly what meant - if someone got occasional/rare issue, or maybe predict/suspect a one-off incident & not got any other product, cloth pad can do in a pinch, long as able remove & wash right away - so not for out of home use! if got much more regular issue and/or plan leave house, then stella imagine diapers & alternatives for those specificly still best bet

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emlynlua -

disclaimer there is nothing inherently wrong with veganism but there is a certain white western vegan culture which has some problems, this post is not abt all vegans

there are many very good posts critiquing white vegan culture but theres something i havent really seen addressed.

like maybe its bc im vegetarian and i look at vegan recipes more but there is a Big Trend of trying to make a meat/dairy substitute that matches the taste of the original but they end up not substituting the nutrients? eg cauliflower steaks, that jackfruit thing. this doesnt happen as much with dairy but definitely with meat products

and like, here's the thing: you need protein. you need fats. your body needs nutrients that it will Not get from vegetables. i understand that for ppl who are used to the 'meat and two veg' meals its a hard change, especially if you, , like meat but like u really do have to restructure ur relationship to food and how you think about it. i get so worried for the health of all those vegan recipe bloggers who seem to just be trying to find taste substitutes for meals they loved and not focusing on like their actual health requirements. and i mean actual health requirements, not fucking diet culture. i honestly think that in a decade or two theres gonna be a massive rise in health problems related to nutrient deficiencies, and it will be because of irresponsible veganism.

babushka -

yeah west is not really good at having enough steady meat substitutes at all, and im afraid that people are being pressured into eating vegan before they have the time and energy to make research about how to substitute proteins which is crucial for their health. there are already studies about the long-term damages of low-protein diets, the results of which only start being visible within a year or two. that's why i dislike it when people say veganism is easy and quick to switch to. it really depends on your area, your body, your expertise in cooking and food, etc.

princeofdoom -

I think a big thing, especially in America, but I'm sure in a lot of the better off European countries too, is that we often aren't taught what (usually plant) foods need to go together to create "complete proteins", aka, having all the amino acids that your body can't create itself, as well as various trace nutrients like minerals that we need to stay healthy.

So people will make, for example, a soy burger and treat it like a normal burger and eat it with wheat based bread, etc etc, and end up not having enough of certain nutrients when all they'd need to do to correct that is to eat their soy with rice. That's literally it. Rice+soy = a complete protein, just like rice and beans, peanuts and wheat, potatoes and dairy, squash and corn/maize, etc. And a lot of native cultures around the world base their diet around combos like these that form complete proteins, and then they add to their diet on top of that base. And people in these cultures know, if you have very little and you need to fall back on something, you eat these two things together, and it might not be exciting but it's filling and YOU'LL LIVE and you won't get horribly sick from it.

This is also compounded with the fact that outside animal based foods (meat and dairy), B vitamins are pretty scarce and when you do find them it's usually in fungi like yeast and mushrooms. Yeast outside of bread is a new concept for a lot of Westerners, and mushrooms can be an issue for a lot of folks with sensory issues or just.... don't like them? And a lot of people in the US don't have access to cheap meat replacements.

But I mean, even putting aside any issues in getting foods like soy burgers or whatever meat and dairy replacements, a lot of folks just don't know what to eat them with/how to eat them to get the best out of their nutrition. :( And a lot of it is taking things out of their context, which is a form of cultural appropriation and has concequences for the people it's done to (higher prices for staple foods they need to live) as well as the people doing it (as emlynlua mentioned, people can become nutrient deficient and seriously ill over time).

fungus -

i feel like a lot of people see going vegan as like a minor change, like you're just going to a different aisle of the grocery store and budgeting an extra $$ every week for the health food rackup and they don't commit, when veganism is literally completely changing one of the fundamental aspects of being alive and you really do need to completely restructure your diet.

my mom tried to become a vegitarian when she first went to college in like texas, which meant a meat and potatoes meal minus the meat, and it fucked her UP

also wikihow is god i just googled what foods create complete proteins and wikihow was like "hello here is how to combine food to make complete proteins"

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stella keep see stuff on tumblr abt how jokes from 2-3 years ago end up as "real prophesy" & that make stella sad, so have some nicer stella prophesy :)

  • horses will learn to dance, by 2022 at latest

  • you will see lots pretty flowers

  • a family member will suprise gift you a big wedge of cheese

  • you will make smth which makes soul happy, even in all imperfection

  • you will find some money inside floating birthday balloon

  • you will look out window & sigh happily cause things are good, then accidently witness an animal poop

no need to thank stella, or pay for services ... this all is 100% guarantee for sure, mhm!

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this is an actual screenshot from the live action Sailor Moon

kvistwig -

Hashtag relatable

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Srijon Chowdhury, Roselight, 2019, oil on linen, 91.44 x 60.96 cm

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Am I the only person on the planet who thinks "shells" is the worst fucking shape for pasta to ever be twisted into? Because shells have rhyme with hell for some reason and I swear to God, biting unassumingly into what you thought was one (1) singular shell only to find it was actually two that decided to get closer than a couple of teenagers in the back of a car and not fucking cook all the way through is the worst fucking experience and I will shoot the italian who thought that this was the masterpiece form pasta needed.

fungus -

it's a small bowl..... for the sauce....... dont bemean :(

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I am SO fucking called out by the outfit comment


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[ID: post by tumblr user phantomrose96. it reads:

PSA to anyone who’s thinking about adopting devs. I’ve noticed a huge rise in popularity of devs lately and there are some tips yall NEED to know:

For starters, if you notice your devs start making a lot of random, unnecessary, aggravating UX changes to your website: such as palette changes, button rearrangement, sometimes just deleting entire features. This is a sign your dev does not have enough enrichment in their enclosure. They will resort to these self-destructive behaviors if they are not properly cared for!! This is a serious problem that not many website owners seem to acknowledge. Your devs are living beings, and though you think it might be cute to have them program your website, you need to be responsible for them. Without proper stimulation and enrichment and guidance in their environment they will start ordering posts by popularity, instead of in chronological order.

Devs need reliable project management in their lives, I cannot stress this enough. Engineers cannot reason out good aesthetic design like most people can! Their brains are logic-driven and they wear the same three outfits in rotation every day, they do not understand UI design. “Well my family had a dev growing up and they designed our wesbite just fine.” I’m tired of hearing excuses like this. It just gives other people a pass to mistreat their devs. Don’t do this.

Furthermore, devs need at least two full-sized monitors, a well-maintained team git repo, and a fully stocked snack bowl. Devs are grazers who eat chips and pretzels while actively doing their work. You can’t expect devs to abide by certain meal times. (Their natural habitat is in soggy basements with mothers providing doritos and snacks, so they need similar care in your home). Also, the old wives’ tale about devs needing rubber ducks in their environment is actually just a myth – any inanimate object to yell at will do just fine.

Please spread this. So so so many people are trying to run websites without the slightest idea how to keep a happy, healthy dev. It breaks my heart to see mishandled devs, who should be great additions to any website, instead end up turning on high-contrast mode permanently, removing pictures of sand dunes and babies with a broken p0rn detecting AI, and sometimes just deleting entire users, features, and posts accidentally. This is not cute. Do not get a dev if you cannot care for them properly. This has been a PSA.

end ID]

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autiestella -

stella also overhaul time/space words
all now v predictable :)
more important, only two syllable! not three!

stella actually got ... lot of pattern which hope make easy
question word end in -bi, time/space follow O-I-A pattern :

NO is past/far, NI is now/in, NA is future/near
TO is before/under, TI is between, TA is after/over
labi is where, mebi is when
drop bi & add require syllable

meta = after
lano = far away
lato = under, below
etc etc

fungus -

oh i like this a lot

are labi/mebi culturally/phonetically grouped with the other wh-word-counterparts (bi words?) like in english?

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oops all cops are complicit in an oppressive system and are, therefore, ALL bastards

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goropancakechi -

Like. Okay I don't want to go on about this too much, but this has been bothering me for a while. Related to my last post.

All jokes aside I do have an older sister living in england. I don't know her though, just know of her. I can't say I'm too emotionally involved in the whole ordeal, but I am curious; What kind of life does she have? What's she like? Would she like me? etc. I know she has a husband and a son, but that's it.

So I googled some things. No details for obvious reasons. Didn't find anything, then again I didn't have much to go on. Could have asked my mom, but it's hard on her to talk about it, so she doesn't know.

I never once got adds or reccomends or anything about adoption in my life. Guess what suddenly popped up more often? Yep.

Lots of stuff about england too, but that was a bit less surprising seeing as I'm interested and googling stuff about other countries either way. The weird part was that it was almost exclusively stuff about London (her last known location, as far as I know).

Now I'm not a huge tinfoil hat person, but I know shit like that is happening and why those very, oddly, specific things suddenly decided to be there, and it's unnerving at best and downright terrifying at worst.

Maybe I'm taking this too personally but it's. So weird. I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate it.

star-rice -

Ooh I'll have to look up the tumblr post I've seen more than a few times. But yeah, no, like, there are so many corporations that have access to the data you create when you use the internet. Your search results are sold to ad companies who pay for most of our free services on the internet and in tern get to personalize how they advertise to you (google is kind of really bad about this on all fronts).

There are ways to get around it though. You could go tin foil and nuke everything, but there are smaller steps you can take. Look up how to depersonalize googles advertising to you. I wanna say theres a whole site you can use to mass opt-out of this garbage.

Secondly, and what I find more fascinating is extentions for firefox (and chrome, but please just.... stop using that wholesale if you serious about caring about your informational privacy) that intentionally obscure the data you put out there. I know theres one that creates fake "clicks" to advertisements and creates fake search results so any agency trying to create a file on you cant parse between real and fake information (this is a huge problem with big data right now, google, facebook, amazon, governments, they dont know what to do with it! Like at all. The technology just isn't there yet among algorithms. They can barely sort all that data much less judge the validity of it).

fungus - this one?

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my friend gave me these scrapbooking supplies that were meant for actual human sons and i applied them to my cat instead

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If you're an active blog as of may/June 2020 plz reblog!

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What is your Runalong I must know. I know I'm not the only one ok I swear,, i hope ;;
Mine kinda changes depending on the time of the day jkdsfjs- like if it's dark outside and the streetlights are on, it would kinda blend in with the lights. The lights are aliveeee.

crownedwithwisteria -

mine were cats! not even cool shadowy cats or anything asdfghjkl they were just. cats XD

star-rice -

Negl, mine were usually my Pokemon team at the time. Esp my Staraptor

mcatnip -

mine was Alf on a skateboard

wyvern-king -

It's hard to put these things into words. They move like spiders.

fungus -

i dont remember doing this but i know exactly how they move so maybe i did

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I got ORANGE GAY... what type of gay are you?

i'm vibe checking all of you and you have no say in the matter


star-rice -

Red gay, accurate

babushka -


you are energetic and confident. although you can be anxious at times, and it makes you hesitate, at your core you’re a very vibrant person who loves to make people laugh and spend time with your friends. you seek out connection, but when people reciprocate your interest, you get nervous and second-guess yourself. when you allow yourself to get past that, you’re a dedicated friend and partner who loves to shower the people close to you in affection and show them off. you match best with orange and blue gays.

beenary -


you’re quiet. you have a dry sense of humor, and can be fairly stoic, though you may not intend to come off that way. you don’t particularly enjoy drama or confrontation, and are generally a passive person, but if things become serious you’re the first person to work on solving things. you think logically and objectively, which helps you keep a level head, but it comes at the cost of ignoring or blocking out your emotions. you do show people you care, but tend to express only a fraction of your real attachment, choosing to quietly yearn rather than risk showing your hand too much. you match best with green and yellow gays.

mcatnip -

*boulevard of broken dreams starts playing*

you’re soft and introspective. you value your privacy and quiet, and though you feel on edge if left alone too much, you need time to yourself in order to feel calm. however, when you are in the mood for it, being around your more extroverted friends makes you very happy. you’re meticulous when it comes to aesthetic, and like to curate your surroundings to reflect your personality. you enjoy a good debate, and are very perceptive when it comes to others, whether that’s something you look for or simply pick up on. you match best with indigo and red gays.

fungus -


the best word to summarize you is passion. you feel things very strongly, and can be all-or-nothing with emotions. people often describe you as intense, which also has to do with your competitive nature. despite coming off as intimidating a lot, you don’t mean to seem that way, and actually crave connection and intimacy. it’s difficult for you to trust people enough to achieve that, though. not everyone gets to see your more relaxed and friendly side, but when you do let people in, you hang onto them with everything you have. you match best with blue and green gays.