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Woodland Garden Gouache on paper, 2019 by Kelly Louise Judd

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Y'all remember how I promised you nice mountain pictures like a month ago?


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i like to make sonas out of the skates i get, and for my latest pair i decided to make one with different outfits - it's named 'morphe' and all of its different outfits are called "[name] morphe"!

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Another owlcat, this time a barn owl and owl finch mix

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working on slightly more realistic art + just painting on one layer aaaaaah

anyways its everyone's favorite paranoid monster man, jon simms

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WHO among you is going to buy me this singular remaining FRIEND and CHILD

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If anyone guessed "eared nightjar" you were correct. Threw in some tabby markings to make it a bit more interesting. Went a bit heavy on textures, but I definately didn't want this guy to seem flat. Shading... is still the bane of my existence when trying to make it kinda soft.

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I got a dress form so I can finally finish my ufos. First one is this beautiful linen skirt

One of my grandma's peonies. The bushes are huge and are like, 50-60 years old.

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i think an unhinged woman and her giant necromancer cat are great antagonists

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orph's og design. i stopped using it for a while but he's just so pretty i had to come back to him <33

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This is art. You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, stare at the art.

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Commission for my friend of our characters Sirius and Chasity ;o; !! I was free to go WILD with the commission so I did something based on greek mythology. <3